Thursday, April 13, 2023

Saudi Arabia Reverses its Policies against Syria 180 Degrees

The question is how sincere are the Saudis in their latest total shift in their foreign policies to be followed with if they are sincere, can they withstand the US meddling and pressure? The latest in the Saudi shift is mending ties with Syria severed since 2011 at the instructions of the USA.

Saudi Arabia Reverses its Policies against Syria 180 Degrees

Syrian foreign minister yesterday paid his first visit to Saudi Arabia in more than 12 years accepting the invitation of his Saudi counterpart, many are furious, many others are happy, and the Syrian people are distasteful, to say the least.

The Saudi rapprochements with Iran, Syria, and Yemen are making the US-controlled 'collective West' furious, this group of countries has lived on the account of the rest of the world for decades, and even centuries in the case of some of them, they see peace anywhere on the planet a direct threat to their entitlement to be the world's parasites and they didn't shy away with their anger toward one of their faithful slaves, the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia has contributed generously in every war it was asked to by its Western masters, financially, militarily, and in many cases religiously.

The Saudi coffers were open to the exploitation of the West for decades, it would pump cash into the direct and proxy war the US and UK asked them to finance and they would push their smaller Gulfies brothers to do the same.

In the case of Syria alone, the Saudis and the Qataris contributed 138 billion US dollars to finance terrorist groups from 2010 to May 2017, the former Qatari prime minister admitted that when his statelet was besieged by the Saudis at that time.

The Saudi army played the role of the major purchaser of all unwanted and default weapons from Western weapons manufacturers, the biggest purchaser of weapons for a country that nobody threatened, and not directly involved in wars until they started their war on Yemen in 2015.

In addition to financing Western weapons industries, Saudi Arabia opened its vast land to US and UK army bases from which the US-led NATO 'defensive' alliance waged wars using these bases as its strategic launchpad.

If that was not enough, being the custodian of Islam's main holy cities and shrines in Mecca and Medina, the Saudi anti-Islamic Wahhabi clergy was working overtime to issue religious decrees to justify the US-led wars, to call for Jihad - holy war on the US invented enemies, and to demonize those US's invented enemies. Syria received the top hatred from those anti-Islamic demonic fatwas - religious judicial opinions.

Among those the Saudi rapprochements who were happy were the Russians and the Chinese, these two countries are into business and are joyful to see more countries challenge the US hegemonic projects. The Saudis also played essential roles in trying to destroy the USSR then Russia, and China by funding the radical terrorists in and around those two countries and by playing with their oil output to add pressure on Russia when asked for it by massively increasing their production to lower the price of oil, and on China by increasing the price of oil when China needed more of it.

The Syrian people in their vast majority, on their part, are distasteful asking what about the past 12 years of the war of terror waged by the Saudis against them, destroying their infrastructure, massacring tens of thousands of Syrians, maiming, torturing, and raping tens of thousands more, and displacing millions of Syrians.

After all these heinous crimes against the Syrian people without committing any crime against the Saudis, where is the accountability? Reparations? There's not even an apology.

Syria cannot blame the Saudis or others who decided they killed enough of its people, it can only blame its allies who did not help enough when needed and continue to play their cards on the account of the Syrian people.

The Syrians are pragmatic but are also principled, it will not be an easy return for the Gulfies to normalize with Syria or be welcomed in the country as easily as they think, whatever the Syrian leadership decides is better for the interest of the country, even if it was saving one Syrian child from a Saudi suicide bomber, it would be worth it, the resentment will not go away.

Syria won the war after enormous sacrifices, those who waged the war against it and those who didn't help it enough are reaping the fruits of victory; try to convince a Syrian otherwise.

More in this report: Syrian Foreign Minister in Saudi for the First Time in 12 Years.

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