Friday, March 24, 2023

Syrian Resistance Neutralizes CIA Agents and US Troops in Syria

Syrian Resistance in northern Syria killed and wounded a number of US Army oil thieves including CIA agents in an attack on an illegal US military base, the US CENTCOM retaliated by bombing warehouses in a southern suburb of Deir Ezzor.

In retaliation to the heinous war crime bombing of Aleppo International Airport by Israel, the Syrian Resistance in Hasakah province bombed the illegal US military air base in Kharab Al Jier.

The bombing of the illegal US military base resulted in the killing of at least one CIA agent, injuring 5 US Army troops, and another CIA agent stealing Syrian oil.

Syrian Resistance has vowed to bomb the US Army cannon fodders for Israel each time Israel bombs a site in Syria.

In its turn, the US Army bombed two warehouses in a southern suburb in Deir Ezzor city it claimed were used by 'groups affiliated with the Iranian IRGC' denying the presence and statements of the Syrian Resistance and claiming it's fighting larger forces in Syria, as usual.

Biden, like his predecessor Trump, and his predecessor Obama (controlled by Biden) illegally deploy troops in Syria, their latest count was 900 minus today's casualties, to steal the Syrian oil as Trump explicitly declared when he was the commander in chief of the US Army.

More in this report: CIA Agent Killed, Others Wounded in a Bombing of a US Base in Syria.

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