Friday, March 24, 2023

Landmines Claim the Lives of More Syrians: A Brother and Sister this Time

Two more Syrians were killed by a landmine explosion, the two, a brother and sister of the same family, in the Wadi Al Atheeb area in the eastern countryside of the central Syrian province of Hama.

Landmines Claim the Lives of More Syrians

The Hama Police Command did not elaborate on the names of the victims, in general, Syrian authorities do not reveal the names of victims due to some local traditions in rural areas, however, the police command did confirm the landmine that devastated yet another Syrian family was planted by the US-sponsored so-called 'peaceful protesters' aka al Qaeda FSA and its offshoot ISIS.

Despite signing an agreement with the United Nations Mine Action Service in 2018, the international organization has not provided proper assistance to the Syrian authorities coming under pressure from NATO member states of the United Nations Security Council.

The USA, UK, France, and other NATO member states like Germany and Belgium, for instance, who were instrumental in sponsoring the different branches of al Qaeda in Syria under the FSA banner are also not providing the Syrian state directly or through 3rd countries with the maps of the landmines their terrorists planted in the regions they infested during the past 12 years before their defeat and expelling from most of the territories.

Landmines planted by the terrorists in Syria, and also in neighboring Iraq, were of different shapes and sizes, some of them were simply planted underground waiting for a farmer or a child to step over them, or inside toys, household items, and even inside books. That's how low the 'western values' are proven to be in Syria and Iraq, the world's oldest continuous civilizations.

Western taxpayers must ask themselves what is their main priority to using their hard-earned tax money for bettering their livelihood in their countries or killing Syrians on the other side of the planet? For us Syrians, the answer is clear from the deeds.

More about this latest incident and overall landmine tolls on the Syrian people in this report by the top investigative analyst Miri Wood: Landmines Blow up Syrians; UNMAS Flaunts Disregard.

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