Thursday, March 23, 2023

Israel Continues Its War Crimes against Syria Destroying Aleppo Airport, AGAIN!

Israel commits its war crimes against the people of the Arab world it was forcefully planted among no thanks to its sponsors, mainly the USA, UK, and European Union, and the silence of the rest of the world except for a few brave countries; its latest was bombing Aleppo International Airport for the 2nd time in this month alone.

Israel Bombs Aleppo Int’l Airport: 2nd Such War Crime this Month

In the early hours of dawn Wednesday 22 March, Israeli fighter jets fired a barrage of missiles from the Mediterranian behind the Russian military base in Latakia toward Aleppo International Airport.

The heinous bombing destroyed parts of the runways and some infrastructure as per Syria's Civil Aviation authority managing the civilian international commercial airport.

The bombing of this airport in particular, and other Syrian infrastructure hinders the country's ability to receive humanitarian relief aid in the aftermath of the deadly earthquakes of the 6th of February, Aleppo International Airport was a main hub for receiving dozens of airplanes loaded with humanitarian aid and rescue teams to remove the victims of the earthquake from under the rubble.

Like the previous time, the Civil Aviation Authority had to diver the inbound flights to other airports complicating the delivery of aid and passengers.

Also, like the previous time(s), the world remains silent toward these blatant war crimes and violations of international law, international humanitarian law, and the United Nations Charter.

If you want to understand the consequences of this silence, imagine the hysteria in western countries when Syria finishes off al Qaeda, ISIS, and other US-sponsored terrorist groups and rightfully starts retaliating against Israeli airports and seaports.

We do not expect any respect for international law by members of NATO, the 'defensive' alliance, or other countries under the US hegemony, we are confused by the silence of countries that claim they respect international law as we know very well their position when it comes to defending Israel.

More in this report by Miri Wood for Syria News: Israel Bombs Aleppo Int’l Airport: 2nd Such War Crime this Month.

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