Friday, March 24, 2023

Syrian Army Delivers a Blow to NATO Eliminates 11 Al Qaeda Terrorists

SAA, the Syrian Arab Army units in northern Syria eliminated 11 terrorists from the NATO-sponsored al Qaeda repelling their large-scale attack on the army's post near the Al Atareb town yesterday evening.

Syrian Army Eliminates 11 al Qaeda Terrorists in Aleppo Province

All the terrorists were foreigners, mainly from Turkestan, and all of them were loyal to NATO's second-strongest leader the Turkish madman Erdogan.

Yesterday evening at the time of the iftar, the Muslims' Ramadan fast-breaking at sunset, the Syrian Army's post at Kafr Amma area, east of Al-Atareb in the western countryside of Aleppo came under a fierce attack by herds of the HTS terrorists, HTS is the latest rebranding of Al Qaeda Levant.

The vigil Syrian Arab Army post repelled the attack and killed 11 of the terrorists, wounded dozens of others, pulled five bodies of the terrorists, and confiscated a large number of weapons, gear, and ammunition.

This was the second attack since Syrian President Bashar Assad rejected from Moscow to meet with the Turkish madman Erdogan to help him win the upcoming presidential elections in Turkey in May.

It was expected that the Turkish madman Erdogan would unleash his terrorists against the Syrian people in response to Assad's refusal to help him.

Erdogan wanted a photo-op with the Syrian President to fool his people as he reached a deal with Syria to return the Syrian refugees. President Assad said that a meeting with the Turkish madman would be considered if Turkey explicitly declares its readiness to completely withdraw its forces, the Turkish army and al Qaeda terrorists, from northern Syria,; the condition was immediately rejected by Turkish officials

More in this report: Syrian Army Eliminates 11 al Qaeda Terrorists in Aleppo Province - GRAPHIC video included.

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