Tuesday, March 14, 2023

56 Russian Children Produced in ISIS Breeding Camps in Syria Repatriated

Another batch of 56 children of Russian ISIS parents were retrieved by the Russian authorities from breeding camps run by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in northern Syria.

Russia Repatriates 56 ISIS Children from Northeastern Syria

The latest batch accompanied Russian children’s ombudswoman Lvova-Belova on Sunday 12 March 2023 after difficult negotiations with the Kurds who were refusing to hand over the children under pressure from their US masters.

Tens of thousands of the so-called Syrian opposition 'peaceful protesters' and 'freedom fighters' as described by western officials and their complicit mainstream media were neither Syrian nor peaceful, rather radicalized terrorists brainwashed by the non-other than the creators of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the US's CIA with its allies across the world and sent to Syria to destroy the country and topple its government.

We reported in early February 2014 that around 14750 of those 'peaceful protesters' hail from republics in the Russian Federation most of who were from Chechnya, where the US and Saudi 'intelligence' agencies were active.

Instead of handing the terrorists to the Syrian state, the Kurds under instruction from their US sponsors gather ISIS terrorists into rehabilitation spas and concentration camps with their families to breed more future ISIS terrorists.

Some countries refused to repatriate their own citizens who joined the 'peaceful protesters' in Syria, ie ISIS, citing danger for their societies, the UK stripped its own of their citizenship!

Thousands of terrorists and their families remain in the ISIS breeding camps, the CIA comes every while and moves them to the 'prisons' where they would escape soon after just to hear of new massacres following that.

More in this report: Russia Repatriates 56 ISIS Children from Northeastern Syria.

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