Sunday, March 12, 2023

US's 51st State Israel Commits a New Bombing Aggression against Syria

The Syrian people in the cities of Masyaf and Safita in central and western Syria started their day this morning with a new Israeli aggression, a barrage of bombs paid for by the US taxpayers destroyed two posts in their peaceful cities.

As a result, a Syrian Army captain was killed and two soldiers injured in their post in Masyaf, their crime could be serving in the only force that is combating the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists.

At around 7:15 am, Israeli fighter jets fired a barrage of missiles against a post in the city of Masyaf in the Syrian central province of Hama, and a post in the city of Safita in the Syrian western coastal province of Tartous, carrying out their heinous aggression from northern Lebanon, the Israelis use Syria's neighboring country to hide behind its mountains and run away before spotted by the Syrian air defense units.

Isreal's double aggression in the early morning hours came barely a week after Israel destroyed Syria's main airport receiving earthquake relief aid, the earthquake that devastated much of northern Syria and southern Turkey last month.

The US taxpayers funding the Israeli war crimes must be celebrating their anti-Christian anti-Jewish and anti-Islamic 'holy' liberal anti-religious war against the country that spread the three divine religions to the world, that's how the haters of Jesus Christ follow the instructions of the ones who brag they crucified him in attacking his birth region.

Zionism is a political movement meant to use Judaism and submissive goyim to establish the kingdom of the Antichrist, anybody telling you otherwise is a faithful or brainwashed servant of the antichrist, don't take my words for that, ask a rabbi from any of the numerous anti-Israeli Jewish organizations opposing the creation of Israel as it's against the teachings of the Torah.

Much more in this report: Israel Bombs Two Posts in Masyaf and Tartous from over Lebanon.

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