Wednesday, March 15, 2023

President Assad Starts a State Visit to Moscow

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad started a state visit to Moscow along with a large ministerial delegation, the visit would include a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Syria and Russia are allies officially since at least September 2015 in the war on the US-led NATO-sponsored terrorism in Syria and in Central Asia from where most of the al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, aka in western media as peaceful protesters, hail.

President Assad arrived at Moscow's Vnukoko International Airport in Moscow and was welcomed by Michael Bogdanov, Putin’s special representative, and deputy foreign minister specialized in the Arab world's affairs, as reported by the Syrian Presidency channels.

The two countries despite their close relations differ on many topics, especially when it comes to Russian relations with every enemy of Syria who has been directly involved in the war against the Syrian people, something the Russian population, at least would not tolerate if it was the other way around, such hostile countries as Turkey and organizations like so-called Israel, the collection of settlements of foreign imported radical settlers on stolen Palestinian land.

Even though, such countries and organizations mentioned above have been very hostile toward Russia itself and have worked feverishly to undermine Russian national security.

Syria expects a lot from its Russian friends, who also happen to be one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council entrusted by the world to maintain security and stability. Russia's other close allies are responsible for destabilizing international peace and security around the world and have particularly heavily invested in terrorism against the Syrian people.

The delegation accompanying President Assad would cover economic, military, security, and other vital topics.

What the Syrians hope is that during this visit, the Russian President would not exert further pressure on the visiting delegation to help his friend the Turkish madman Erdogan in the upcoming elections while Turkish forces, the NATO Turkish army, and Al Qaeda, occupy large parts of northern Syria.

More in this report: President Bashar Assad Arrives in Moscow on an Official Visit.

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