Tuesday, September 7, 2021

6 Palestinian Kidnapped Heroes Make a Daring Escape from Israel's Gitmo

It's nicknamed Israel's Gitmo, each of its cells is called a 'safe' as in a bank's safe because they say it's super secure, the prison is well guarded inside and out using the latest technology and manpower the US taxpayers can ever afford, yet, 6 Palestinians who spent years in this inhumane place managed to dig a tunnel and escape to freedom.

The funny part is the exit hole which is located beneath a garrison's tower and the 6, not 1, SIX Palestinians came out of the tunnel and vanished in thin air.

The Israelis went mad, they have all the rights to go mad, they spent millions of the US hard-earned taxpayer's dollars to secure this concentration camp and market it to the world as being the most secure facility in order to franchise it out, now, nobody will buy their product, this is a second hit their products receive after their own patrons, the US's Pentagon canceled an order to buy Israeli air defense systems proved useless during the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza.

This also comes a few days after a Palestinian shot at point-blank an Israeli sniper who was holed in the wall of the fence between Gaza and occupied Palestinian territories from which this same sniper shot at least 40 Palestinians, the Israeli sniper succumbed to his wounds a few days later.

This is what happens to aggressors and foreign invaders occupying other people's land, they'll live in ghettos and have to continue attacking their neighbors to stay secure, which doesn't last forever, sooner or later they'll be defeated and will have to return to their homelands if they'll be welcomed there anymore, or get eliminated by the landowners.

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