Sunday, September 5, 2021

Syrian Security Chief will Not Meet his Turkish Counterpart

Syrian director of National Security Major General will not meet his Turkish counterpart in Baghdad, as claimed by a Turkish newspaper, Syrian official source confirmed.

Major General Ali Mamlouk, Director, Syrian National Security
Major General Ali Mamlouk, Director, Syrian National Security

"Syria categorically refutes the news of an upcoming meeting between the Directory of National Security in Syria Major General Ali Mamlouk and the head of Turkish military intelligence Hakan Fidan as reported by some media."
Syrian source told Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel.

The Turkish madman Erdogan is losing the empire he was building over the past 2 decades, his proxy anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood political and terrorist wings are losing in all the places they infested, namely: Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, now Afghanistan, and for the past 10 years in Syria, despite the massacres, war crimes, and wide-scale corruption and mafia-style crimes they've committed.

Erdogan also brought the Turkish economy to its knees and started selling Turkish sovereign establishments to Qatar in exchange of financial aid, a breakthrough in Syria that allows him a face-saving withdrawal might help him continue selling his dream of reviving the Ottoman Empire, one of the most hated and criminal empires in the history of mankind.

More in this report: No Meeting Between Syria’s Director of National Security and his Turkish Counterpart.

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