Saturday, May 22, 2021

Terrorists Loyal to Erdogan Open Fire at New Terrorists Loyal to Erdogan in Northern Syria

Al-Qaeda terrorists in control of the northern Syrian city of Al-Bab opened fire at Al-Qaeda terrorists coming new from southern Syria and prevented them from entering the city they occupy under the protection of NATO's 2nd largest army the Turkish Army.

Erdogan Terrorists Open Fire at Other Erdogan Terrorists in Al-Bab City

30 terrorists from one of Al-Qaeda affiliated group refused to join the reconciliation efforts led by the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria to drop their weapons and return to their normal lives like thousands of others and instead decided to be shipped to northern Syria where similar terrorists have been shipped to in the past, they took their families with them bringing the total to 150 shipped from the Quneitra province in southwestern Syria to Al-Bab city in northern Syria.

The terrorists were cornered and defeated by the Syrian law enforcement units in recent clashes after they attacked their former brethren who were fighting alongside them but accepted to return to their normal lives.

Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists controlling the northern city of Al-Bab refused to allow the newcomers to enter and opened fire at them and other terrorists who came to welcome them saying they didn't receive the approval from Erdogan.

More in this report: Erdogan Terrorists Open Fire at Other Erdogan Terrorists in Al-Bab City - video included.

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