Saturday, May 22, 2021

Gaza Won't Get UN's Humanitarian Corridors Free Access Like Al-Qaeda in Idlib

The Palestinians in Gaza are not lucky, they've never been throughout the past century so nothing new here, the only thing to consider is how hysteric were the NATO member states controlling the United Nations Security Council to open cross-borders humanitarian corridors to support Al-Qaeda in Idlib, a terrorist organization as per the UNSC itself when now they fail to show any solidarity to up to 2 million human beings in the besieged Gaza.

Gaza Fails to Get UNSC Humanitarian Corridors Reserved for al Qaeda in Idlib

Several meetings were called for by 14 members of the UNSC firstly to call on a stop of the Israeli aggression against Gaza and one country kept blocking the calls, the USA, until finally, Israel couldn't continue without being exposed beyond repair that the USA accepted to have a meeting at the UNSC which 'welcomed' a ceasefire brokered by it.

Yet, the same NATO members who were calling for open corridors into the last stronghold of Al Qaeda in Idlib from their NATO brethren Turkey are not accepting to call for the same for Gaza to rebuild what Israel deliberately destroyed and especially the infrastructure.

Those NATO 'white supremacists went further in their ugliness to equate the Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza with the Gaza's resistance factions firing back to push Israel to stop.

Miri Wood walks us through the hypocrisy and criminality of members of the highest council in our world entrusted to maintain peace and security and acting as aggressors and crusaders: Gaza Fails to Get UNSC Humanitarian Corridors Reserved for al Qaeda in Idlib.

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