Friday, May 21, 2021

Gaza Ceasefire Reached Just Like How I Predicted Yesterday

A ceasefire is announced and went into effect around midnight, I wrote yesterday that a ceasefire will be reached within 48 hours, the Israeli war crimes cannot be tolerated anymore and their sensitive airbases and their cities are being struck back.

This is a clear victory for the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and for the Palestinians all over occupied Palestine and for the whole resistance axis: Syria - Iran - Hezb Allah - Gaza, Israel failed in its 4th consecutive confrontation.

First Israeli major defeat when they were forced to withdraw from south Lebanon in the year 2000 under the continuous beating by the Lebanese resistance, mainly Hezb Allah which was strongly backed by Syria and Iran and despite the massive support Israel had from its NATO patrons Gulfies stooges.

This was followed by the Israeli heinous war against Lebanon in the year 2006, a 34 days of bombardment that targeted every single infrastructure facility in Lebanon, in the last week Israel was begging for a ceasefire after dozens of its troops were killed, one of its pride navy vessels destroyed across the Lebanese coast live on TV, and Hezb Allah started striking deep inside 'Israel'. Israel wanted revenge for its 2000 humiliating withdrawal and instead got another defeat and new rules of engagement established on its account.

The 3rd confrontation was 2008 - 2009 when Israel tried to invade Gaza the first time after its withdrawal from there years ago, instead, it got another defeat.

In war measurements, a battle is considered lost when the army is defeated directly or when their goal of the war they waged is not met.

In 2014, Israel wanted another face-saving operation and it chose Gaza again after it managed to recruit a considerable number of spies among the Palestinians who passed to it the locations of the Palestinian resistance rockets launching pads. What Israel didn't realize until later is that most of its spies were already discovered by the Palestinian resistance and were fed wrong information deliberately, a seven-week deadly war waged by Israel ended in massive losses among both parts and Israel failed a land incursion into Gaza thanks to Kornet anti-armored missiles provided to the Palestinian resistance by the Syrian army. The Palestinian resistance grew stronger.

We all saw how Israel tried first to steal the houses of the Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the eastern part of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), then followed by multiple assaults on the Muslims second most sacred mosque the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a war crime by all measures attacking a worshipping place and worshippers during their prayers, and when its crimes reached ugly levels it was warned by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza to stop its heinous attacks. When the Israelis instead of adhering to the warning increased their attacks the Palestinian resistance started firing rockets at Israeli targets the first wave was a warning and the Israelis saw their celebrated Iron-Dome air defense system failed to intercept all the incoming missiles from Gaza they didn't learn the lesson and started their non-proportional bombing of Gaza and deliberately targeting civilians to kill, especially children thinking this will silence the resistance. What it got instead was multiple failures the most important of which was the uprising of the Palestinians in the territories occupied before 1948, then the whole world watching its war crimes in Gaza which caused it to lose the last support it got from the international public opinion which started pressuring their governments to do something.

In yesterday's post I've mentioned many of these points and what to expect and why Israel is begging for the ceasefire: The War on Gaza Will Be Over within 48 Hours, Israel Lost this Battle.

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