Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Russian Military Police Chase US Army Oil Thieves in Northern Syria

A new military skirmish between the two world's superpowers occurred again in northern Syria, this is not the first one but it's becoming more bold and dangerous.

Russian military police are deployed in northern Syria under an agreement with the Syrian government within the overall war against the NATO-sponsored terrorist organization the likes of ISIS, Nusra Front, and their ilk.

Russian Forces Patrol Rams into US Oil Thieves Army in Northern Syria
Video on YouTube, on BitChute, and on Syria News.

Within their mandate, the Russian military police secure the main roads, fight terrorist groups, and fight bandits, and within this last item they are acting as law enforcement forces against the oil thieves in the country, and that's exactly what happened this time again when they spotted US oil thieves encroaching toward areas liberated from ISIS and took the decision to confront them and brush them away.

The Russian military police rammed one of the US vehicles and 4 oil thieves including an officer in the US army were reported to suffer from brain concussions after this incident.

More in this report: Russian Forces Patrol Rams into US Oil Thieves Army in Northern Syria.

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