Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Syrian President Bashar Assad and First Lady Cast their Votes in Duma

The city of Douma (Duma) was for some years the stronghold of over 60,000 anti-Islamic Wahhabi (Saudi religion) and Muslim Brotherhood (the religion of Turkish Erdogan) who were a major threat for the Syrian capital Damascus, and which witnessed one of the biggest lies of our era after the lies of the Iraqi WMDs, the Duma chemical attack hoax.

President Assad and First Lady Asmaa Vote in the Liberated City of Douma

This Duma is the city in which Syrian President Bashar Assad and the First Lady Asmaa Assad decided to cast their votes in, they were received with chants and a festive celebration of their leader and the first lady. This has many strong messages addressed to those concerned especially the foreign powers, in the West, the Gulfies, the Turks, Al Qaeda - ISIS, and Israel, who worked overtime to overthrow the Syrian leadership and replace the secular Syria we know with a Saudi-like or Qandahar-like type of ruling.

President Assad delivered a short speech after casting his vote, he emphasized the massive participation of the Syrian people all over the country and in diaspora in this election and the previous parliamentary elections a few months ago. President Assad thanked the 'people of Duma who were fighting alongside their Syrian Arab Army against the terrorist groups' and 'were in constant contact with the Syrian state throughout the years of being occupied by the NATO-sponsored terrorist groups', he sent a special message to the NATO and stooges who tried and continue to try their regime change plans in Syria by doubting the legitimacy of these elections: 'your opinions and statements are worth zero.'

More in this report: President Assad and First Lady Asmaa Vote in the Liberated City of Douma.

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