Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Kurdish Terrorists Block Syrians from Voting in Presidential Election

The terrorists of the US-sponsored Kurdish 'SDF' controlling some regions in northern Syria have blocked those regions starting yesterday evening and until further notice to prevent the Syrians living in those regions they occupy from voting in tomorrow's presidential election in Syria.

Kurdish SDF Terrorists Block Syrians from Voting in Presidential Election

The Kurdish terrorists said they will not facilitate the presidential election in their area and they will not participate in it despite the call by the Syrian minister of foreign affairs Faisal Mekdad one day earlier to them to act as the 'Syrian' and 'democratic' forces they claim they are and actively be involved in the election process.

We know that they are acting as proxies for the United States in the northern Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah, especially around the oil wells and the wheat crop fields and that their decisions are dictating to them by the Biden's junta at the White House, however, this would've been an excellent opportunity for them to reconcile with the rest of Syria and save themselves and the Kurds they claim they represent the consequences of their crimes ever since the US troops were deployed illegally in northern Syria to steal the Syrian oil with their help.

Few countries showed enmity to the Syrian people by depriving the Syrians living in those countries their rights to vote for their president, where most of the rest of the world has allowed the democratic process including countries that have severed their diplomatic ties with Syria under the US instructions.

More about this latest development in this report: Kurdish SDF Terrorists Block Syrians from Voting in Presidential Election.

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