Monday, February 22, 2021

US-Kurdish Proxies Doubling Down on War Crimes against Syrians

The US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists are doubling down their crimes against the Syrian people in the regions under their control, especially the thousands held captive in the concentration camps run by the CIA and the Kurds in northeastern Syria, in particular the Al Hol Camp.

Al Hol (Hawl) Concentration Camp for Syrian Refugees - Hasakah
Al Hol (Hawl) Concentration Camp for Syrian Refugees - Hasakah

The Kurds killed 2 women and a man and injured another woman in just 24 hours in the infamous Al Hol (Al Hawl) concentration camp for refugees and families of ISIS terrorists in the Hasakah province.

One of the women was shot dead by a heavily armed Kurdish SDF terrorist when she confronted him about the money he took from her to arrange for her escape from the horrible conditions of the camp to her town in the province. Most of the people were herded into the camps fleeing ISIS to find themselves held captive by the Kurds with their CIA supervisors and families of the ISIS terrorists in the same place.

The Kurdish SDF terrorists' crimes go unreported in the west, their acts are whitewashed by the western media who picture them as some secular fighters who fought against ISIS, which is barely true, most of their so-called battles were merely change of flags under the supervision of the US Oil Thieves Regiment illegally positioned in Syria.

In their raid yesterday to one section of the camp they opened fire at the families who protested their raids and kidnapping of their young men to serve in their armed ranks as cannon fodders and human shields for the US oil thieves, they killed a man and wounded a man in cold blood style.

Add to the woman killed in the day earlier in the same camp detailed in this report: Kurdish SDF Terrorists Kill 2 Women and a Man in Al Hol Refugees Camp.

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