Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Reporting on COVID Death Data, What is Missing?

News all over the world is about the COVID pandemic. But even the mainstream media that's considered objective is leaving out some very important issues. Although many will do news reports on deaths after injections with the new 'medicines' that were allowed to have emergency authorization, the claims are that they are coincidences. Every source calls these trials "vaccines" even though they haven't been given legal and medical definitions of the word.

COVID mRNA VAERS Death Data, C19 News Reporting, and Misinformation

Some respected sources are engaging in misinformation, too.

Even though the medical experts in America have warned against a possible and terrible side effect called antibody-dependent enhancement none of the mainstream media has suggested that people be tested for COVID antibodies before getting these shots.

Even the United Nations leaders are concerning themselves with getting the poor of the world ''vaccinated" without concern that these emergency authorized mRNAs and viral vector shots haven't been given vaccine status (yet), and they haven't voiced concern for informed consent regarding the potential benefits versus the potential risks.

Details here: COVID mRNA VAERS Death Data, C19 News Reporting, and Misinformation.

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