Sunday, February 21, 2021

NATO Terrorists Preparing for a New Chemical Attack False Flag in Syria

In the province of Idlib northwest of Syria, the 'last stronghold of Al Qaeda in Syria', could be in the world, Al Qaeda terrorists known as Al Qaeda Levant (aka HTS, Jabhat Nusra, Nusra Front, FSA...) have been transporting and preparing for a new staged chemical attack false flag in the province to accuse the Syrian Army with it, they were spotted by Russian military reconnaissance team based in the Hmeimim airbase.

Previous staged chemical attack by the White Helmets in Syria
Previous staged chemical attack by the White Helmets in Syria

After their success in convincing most of the Sheeple in the western world that the Syrian army comprising mostly of conscripts from all over the country are killing their children for the president even using chemical weapons against their own families and in places they already won the war in over Al Qaeda terrorists and they're about to enter, the terrorists are at it yet again, this time in Idlib province.

The terrorists hope that with their chemical attack hoaxes they can get the self-proclaimed 'international community' (the USA and its NATO buddies) to pressure the Syrian leadership to halt any military operation against their presence in the Al Qaeda Haven for Democracy.

It worked for them more than once before, they even got the USA, UK, and France, the leading states of the world's evil alliance of no good NATO to bomb Syria based on their previous false-flags, why not repeat it, as long as there are fools in the west who believe the narrative of Al Qaeda and ISIS over the narrative of their victims.

The Russian Ministry of Defense who discovered their latest hoax being prepared hopes by exposing these plots to deprive the terrorists and their NATO sponsors of this card to use it in their continuous crimes against the Syrian people. This also has worked in the past.

More in this report: Russian MoD Warns of a New False-Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib.

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