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Why Turkey was Easily Looting Aleppo's Factories

The Syrian economy over the past decade was systematically targeted by NATO member states and their proxies, all their proxies, it's the style of NATO's interventions in sovereign states under 'humanitarian' guise and ends up always destroying what the people of those countries built up over decades if not centuries.

Erdogan Aleppo Thief

Aleppo is no exception, the Turks have been drooling over it since the end of their criminal Ottoman empire which was created and run by thugs from mountain areas who lived on attacking urban and civilizations.

A member of the Quora Q & A wiki social platform asked a question in this regards and I left a reply, I'm copying both the question and answer here to preserve my answer from Quora's heavy censorship and to share the information with the readers of this platform:

Question: Why was Turkey allowed to get away with looting the city of Aleppo?

My answer:

Turkey was not ‘allowed’ to loot Aleppo, its terrorists took advantage of their large numbers compared with the Syrian armed forces numbers in the northern province. After signing the Adana Accord in 1989 between Syria and Turkey there was no need for Syria to maintain a large military presence in the north, its main focus was the east with Iraq where the US forces were and the southwest to face Israeli aggression.

Nobody would have imagined back then, or even until now, how they could hire, train, arm, and smuggle into Syria the World’s Largest Army of Terrorists, in total the number of terrorists reached more than 350,000 and most of them were not Syrians. At times, the Syrian army was fighting on 40 fronts constantly for years all over the country, the number of terrorists at any given time exceeded the number of the Syrian armed forces and that’s why the National Defense Forces were formed.

Most of Aleppo was occupied by Turkey-sponsored fanatics of Al Qaeda and assorted terrorist groups, initially running under the banner of the FSA and later when they started splintering into dozens of terrorist groups splitting and fighting over the spoils and when their sponsoring countries started having political differences.

Remember that Russia came in by the end of 2015 and they didn’t come in full force, mainly by aerial assistance, even Hezb Allah joined the SAA around April 2013 after the Muslim Brotherhood FSA members were on the verge of storming the villages hosting Lebanese refugees in the Al Qussayr region, in the western Homs countryside, also after the constant threats and actual attacks against Shia revered shrines all over Syria.

Watch this video: Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Destroy More Worshiping Places in Syria.

Aleppo has a long border with Turkey, and let’s not forget that Turkey is the second-largest force in NATO.

In other words, there was no possibility to stop the looting of Syrian factories, grains, oil, and even railway bars by the Turks and their terrorists. Remember when during a G20 summit President Putin warned Erdogan of the ‘Alive oil pipeline’, he was referring to hundreds of oil tankers shipping stolen Syrian oil to Turkey from areas controlled by ISIS and Nusra Front, which was bombed by the Russian air forces.

There’s a video that was shared by a terrorist group that was running the Syrian side of the Al Salameh borders with Turkey showing Syrian oil refinery and extraction machinery shipped to Turkey through the border.

Emir of Qatar & Prime Minister of Turkey Steal Syrian Oil Machinery in Broad Daylight - video included.

How much of Syrian archeological treasures were stolen through Turkey and ended up in Europe and elsewhere?

The more areas liberated by the Syrian armed forces and their allies the less income Erdogan had from the theft he was managing through his family and associates business, ask Ahmet Davotuglo about that.

All of Erdogan’s crimes, including the theft of Syrian machinery, antiquities, wheat, oil, and even human organs are documented and legal cases are already underway in Syria to be followed by international courts once Erdogan loses his full protection from his handlers in Washington and the EU, that’s not far from now. Even if he will still enjoy such protection that will be limited to Turkish assets in those countries not all over the world, the legal suits will follow Turkish assets everywhere on Earth and Syria will be compensated for all the crimes committed against it by all the parties, sooner or later.

End of my reply on Quora.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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