Thursday, January 21, 2021

Twin Explosions Kill 28 People Injure More than 70 in Baghdad, Iraq

The two suicide bombers chose the poorest market in the Iraqi capital Baghdad to carry out their crime, they're believed to be from ISIS.

twin terrorist explosions kill 28 injures 70 in Baghdad

The first one went into the Tayeran Square market at noontime and acted as if he fell sick and asked people for help and the moment people gathered around him to lend a hand to help him he detonates the suicide vest he's wearing.

As soon as people started gathering to rescue the injured of the first suicide bombing another terrorist joins the crowd and blows himself in them killing many more than the first attack.

Local sources reported that at least 28 confirmed killed and more than 70 wounded with different sorts of injuries. The attack looks very much like an ISIS attack, the anti-Islamic CIA asset saw a resurface after the Iraqi parliament asked the US forces to leave the country when Trump killed the visiting Iranian top general Qasem Solaimani with the top Iraqi commander of the PMU, both champions in fighting ISIS in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and beyond.

This bombing happens on the first day after Joe Biden takes over from Trump and Biden brought with him all the 'experienced' Obama team, it was during their previous term when ISIS was founded!

Coincidences do not happen in the real world, especially when the coincidences are always following the same pattern.

Details in this report - short video included: Twin Terrorist Explosions in Baghdad Kills 28 Injure More than 70 Others.

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