Friday, January 22, 2021

Israel and US Bomb Syria for the 3rd Time this Month

Israel and its US sponsors bombed the outskirts of Hama province early today at dawn, this is the 3rd of such bombing this month and the first in Biden's time.

Israel bombs central Syria from over Lebanon

The bombing was carried out by Israeli fighter jets from off the coast of the Lebanese northern city of Tripoli and the northern Lebanese coastal province of Akkar, houses across Lebanon's northern coast shook from the sound and immensity of the explosions, local media reported.

Biden recycled most of Obama's hawks in dove cloth, including himself, their only problem is time stopped when their Hillary lost the elections in 2016 to the other degenerate useless evil Trump, they still think the USA has the same military, financial, and political power over the world, the regime of Trump kept most of those 'diverse' hawks in the dark, soon enough they'll realize their limited capabilities.

The latest Israeli bombing comes as Biden's team send their first bloody message to the region with the twin terrorist attack in Baghdad that killed 32 Iraqis and wounded 113 in one of the poorest used cloth market in the country. ISIS doesn't grow off trees and doesn't come from thin air, they need heavy machinery and expensive logistics to move around and carry out their terrorist attacks, guess who has those and has freedom of movement in Iraq and in the Syrian eastern open desert bordering Iraq?

More about this latest aggression and related news in this report: Israel Bombs Hama Province in Central Syria from off the Lebanese Coast.

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