Saturday, January 23, 2021

Russian Security Arrest Al Qaeda Terrorist in Central Asian Province

A terrorist with links to Al Qaeda group operating in Syria was arrested after the Russian Security Services (FSB) raided his house in the Central Asian Republic of Bashkiria (aka Bashkortostan).

Russian FSB arrest al qaeda terrorist

The law enforcement agents found improvised explosive devices (IED), manuals on how to make bombs, and correspondences with his handlers in northern Syria where the Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant) have their last stronghold in the country under the protection of the Turkish regime of the Madman Erdogan.

The 25 years old terrorist confessed to the crime and said he wanted to attack public buildings in his region.

This is the second such bust by Russian security, last month they managed to arrest 4 ISIS terrorists in the Central Asian Republic of Dagestan.

NATO's fingerprints are all over these terrorist groups, Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari facilitation in training, financing, and ideological radicalizations in both anti-Islamic Wahhabism and Muslim Brotherhood doctrines cannot be missed.

Erdogan uses his followers of the Muslim Brotherhood cult in his war adventures and as instructed by his handlers in what he described "Turkey's leading role in the Greater Israel Project", aka Greater Middle East project started by George W. Bush and his neocons.

More in this report: Russian FSB Arrests a Terrorist of Al Qaeda (Nusra Front) in Bashkiria.

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