Thursday, January 21, 2021

Erdogan Takes 6 Billion Euros from the EU and Refuses to Accept the Refugees

The European Union and Erdogan reached an agreement in 2016 in regards to the refugees' crisis after Erdogan pushed tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and other places toward Europe, the deal included that Erdogan not only stops using the refugees in blackmailing Europe, he will have to accept half of them back in Turkey.

Erdogan Turkey

Fast forward to the end of last year, the EU made its final payment to Erdogan concluding the 6 billion Euros of European taxpayers' hard-earned money, Erdogan earned them, he managed to blackmail the weak EU politicians with his thuggery acts, part of his Turkish and Ottoman genes, and now he's refusing to accept the return of some 1450 stranded refugees from Greece, very much an Erdogan feature.

This is not the first time Erdogan flip-flops in an international agreement, in a matter of fact, if Erdogan doesn't flip-flop in an international agreement it would be weird and out of his character. He has betrayed his own mentor Erbakan, his closest friend Gulan, his savior Abdullah Gul who was his president and who released him from prison then appointed him as prime minister, his ideological guide Ahmet Davotuglo, his financial guide Ali Babacan, he backstabbed Russian President Putin several times, he backstabbed and blackmailed the Iranians, he uses the Palestinians as his Troy horse and managed to split the Palestinians into Hamas group and the others, he betrayed Gaddafi of Libya who granted Turkish companies contracts in billions of dollars when the Turkish economy was in very bad shape then Erdogan sided with NATO in killing Gaddafi, and most notably he betrayed President Assad and the Syrian people in general in breaching the Adana Agreement between Syria and Turkey, all of those in exchange to a 'leading role in the Greater Israel Project' as he himself stated.

Erdogan is the example of everything else but Islam, don't bother about him reciting few words from the Quran, he's no different than his own buddies Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri of Al Qaeda and Baghdadi of ISIS, all members of the anti-Islamic British-created Muslim Brotherhood cult he's its political leader, it's his actions that he will be judged by not his words, and his actions prove he's a hypocrite.

Details about this latest flip-flop in this report: Flip-Flop Erdogan Fails his Commitments in an International Treaty, Again.

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