Tuesday, December 1, 2020

3rd Earthquake in Syria in 4 Days and the 5th in 3 Months

Syria Enters the Earthquake Era with the beginning of the millennium, this occurs every 340 - 400 years. Today, the 3rd earthquake in just 4 days struck the central-western region.

syria earthquake

The earthquake was recorded 27 kilometers northeast of the Syrian central city of Hama, it was 5 kilometers deep, and of 4.1 degrees magnitude on the Richter scale.

On the 27th of November and shortly after midnight an earthquake struck about 51 kilometers northeast of the Syrian capital Damascus, it was also of 4.3 degrees magnitude on the Richter, and it was followed with another one after 36 hours in the same site but slightly stronger at 4.1 degrees magnitude.

Syria is on the Arab Plate fault line, this stretches from central Turkey through natural Syria (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine) to Aqaba Bay and continues to Africa.

Details in this report: One More Earthquake in Syria, the 3rd in 4 Days, and the 5th in 3 Months.

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