Tuesday, December 1, 2020

What is left of ISIS in the Middle East?

One of the users of the Quora wiki Q & A platform asked the above question: What is left of ISIS in the Middle East? I was tagged for an answer as it relates to Syria, my country, and my expertise especially in politics and especially on daily basis throughout the past decade.

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The following is my full reply to the above question on Quora, I copy my full replies to this and other platforms for two reasons: to preserve my replies from Quora's heavy censorship especially whenever the word 'Israel' is mentioned, they instantly blurred a screenshot I shared in my answer for no reason, and to share the information with the readers of the other platforms. This is my reply there:

ISIS in the Middle East is a byproduct of the US illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, it was created by a person who was in the US illegal prisons when the US invaded Iraq, who was later recruited by the CIA and their British Mi6 minions.

Video interview with the founder of Al- Qaeda ‘Jihad’ in Egypt 2014: ISIS: The Bombshell Interview to Impeach Obama.

This is no longer unfounded claims by Syrian and Iraqi sources or even sources from Al Qaeda commanders like the link above. The Obama crew were all involved in this war crime:

hillary clinton knew about isis

You may want to see how the Pentagon has used ISIS and how John Kerry described the US involvement in this criminal organization to use it as a bargaining card against the Syrian President Bashar Assad:

The Pentagon Threatening to Revive ISIS.

And the Western mainstream media is all part of this scandal.

So, to answer your question: What is left of ISIS in the Middle East? As long as US forces are in the region, Saudi and Qatari money ready to finance, the British, French, German, and Belgian ‘intelligence’ working on it, and the Turkish madman Erdogan is at the helm of NATO’s second-largest forces, ISIS is very much in the Middle East and beyond, in its direct form and in its affiliated terrorist groups. Their numbers do not matter as they can always be augmented and moved around and delivering hot meals to its terrorists in the depth of the desert: Iraqi Media: US Helicopters Drop Food & Medicine to ISIS in Anbar.

Have you not wondered how come ISIS, a presumably Islamic Jihadi group has attacked only countries that do not have relations with Israel with their national armies posing a threat against the European imported settlers state, and how they never carried out a single attack against their presumed cause of existence? I’ll leave that to your better judgment.

End of my reply on Quora.

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