Monday, November 30, 2020

NATO Terrorists infighting in Northern Syria Leave Several Dead Displace Civilians

In-fighting continues in the northern regions of the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah, between different factions loyal to the different wings of NATO: the Western European member states sponsoring the Kurdish separatist SDF militias in Syria, and the Turkish Erdogan wing sponsoring ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliated anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.

Erdogan terrorists shelling Ain Issa city in northern Raaqa countryside

The USA is playing all sides and the Syrian people are the ones continuing to pay the hefty price of the hegemonic and demonic policies of the 'free world'. A world that is free from anything humane as their acts prove.

The day and evening of Saturday, 28th of November, was significant in the intensity of the exchange of shelling between NATO's Kurdish SDF separatist militia and the Turkish al Qaeda affiliated armed terrorists in the city of Ain Issa, northern Raqqa countryside near the northern Syrian borders with NATO member state Turkey.

At least 2 civilians killed in the shelling, others injured, and houses destroyed. If you're a NATO member state citizen and you don't feel at least upset about such news your country is involved in and your tax money is used to fund, you better find another species to relate to, humanity doesn't apply.

In related news, Kurdish SDF separatists sustained casualties among their ranks in direct shooting by unknown armed groups and one of them killed himself while planting a landmine near a checkpoint they've established.

Details in this report: NATO Proxies Exchange Shelling in Ain Issa, north Syria, 2 Civilians Killed-(video included).

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