Sunday, November 29, 2020

ISIS Landmine Explosion Kills 2 Civilians, Injures 3 More North of Palmyra

Two more Syrian civilians killed and 3 others injured in a landmine explosion, the landmine was planted in an area about 60 kilometers north of Tadmor - Palmyra in the eastern Homs countryside.

syria landmine explosion

The 5 victims were rushed to Tadmor National Hospital for treatment, however, two of them succumbed to their severe wounds and burns, while the 3 others are being treated and are recovering, the director of the hospital stated.

Landmines and explosives are the main weapons used against civilians mainly by the camp led by the USA and its NATO friends and their terrorists, the same group who used the atomic bomb on two cities, the Orange Agent on a country they were invading and destroying thousands of miles away, depleted uranium against Fallujah in Iraq which they invaded for no reason, among other crimes.

Details of this latest landmine explosion in this report: 2 Civilians Killed and 3 Injured in a Landmine Explosion East of Homs.

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