Monday, February 24, 2020

New Israeli Bombing over Damascus to Cover Up the IDF’s Heinous Crime in Gaza

“At 23:25 of Sunday 23 February 2020 the Israeli air force from out of our air space and from over the occupied Golan targeted the vicinity of Damascus with more than one guided missiles waves, and as soon as it was discovered it was intercepted with high efficiency, some were diverted from its track, and most of the rest were destroyed before reaching its target, we are still monitoring the results of this aggression.”

A Syrian military source stated the above shortly after the latest aggression by Israel against Syria. Israel is taking advantage of the Syrian Arab Army direct confrontation with NATO’s second and third largest armies, Turkey and NATO terrorists respectively, mainly in Idlib and in a number of open fronts in northeastern Syria.
Side of the Syrian Arab Army’s air defense units intercepting the incoming missiles over Damascus within their limited... Continue reading (videos included):

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