Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Russia Offers Erdogan a Large Banana, Might be the Last One in Idlib

Russia will discuss with Turkey how to ‘create a zone of real de-escalation’ after the formerly designated zone for de-escalation turned into an escalation zone, instead, by the Turkey-backed terrorists, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said.
Erdogan licking ice cream Mr. Putin bought him

This new presumed ‘zone with real de-escalation’ will still be set presumably inside Syria, meaning there will still be a large number of Syrian families under the control of al-Qaeda terrorists while Turkey, for the umpteen time, will be entrusted by the Russians to separate al-Qaeda’s ‘too much terrorists’ from al-Qaeda terrorists, disarm the ‘too much terrorists’ from their heavy weapons, and secure the M5 and M4 arteries: Damascus – Aleppo Highway and Aleppo – Latakia highway.
Erdogan had more than 1.5 years to carry out the above-mentioned three tasks stipulated in the Astana and Sochi agreements between Russia and Turkey, but instead his al-Qaeda ‘too much’ terrorists joined by al-Qaeda terrorists intensified their indiscriminate shelling of the residential neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo and the towns in Aleppo southern and western countryside, and Idlib’s southeast countryside, deliberately targeting civilians and Syrian Arab Army posts, in addition to targeting the Russian military airbase in Hmeimim. Due to these developments and the continuous delay by Erdogan to carry out his commitments, the Syrian leadership took the decision to implement the Astana and Sochi agreements by force.
Suddenly, Erdogan and his western masters remembered there are civilians in Idlib, up to 3 million of them, who are now ‘threatened by their own army coming to... Continue reading: https://www.syrianews.cc/russia-offers-erdogan-a-large-banana-might-be-the-last-one-in-idlib/

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