Saturday, February 22, 2020

SAA Shared Footage of the Bombing of Erdogan Terrorists in Nayrab

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shared footage of the bombing of Turkey-backed al-Qaeda (Nusra Front – HTS) terrorists who tried to attack their posts in Nayrab on 20th February.

After securing the entirety of Aleppo city and expanding the security perimeter around the city and the vital M4 and M5 arteries from al-Qaeda terrorists bombing, NATO member state Turkey’s madman Erdogan sacrificed more Turkish soldiers to protect the defeated remnants of his terrorists.
Last Thursday, 20th February, the terrorists carried out one of their massive attacks targeting the Nayrab town axis where the SAA was positioned pushing ahead a number of SVBIEDs (vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices), literally armored vehicles stuffed with powerful explosives and driven by a suicidal subhuman. The al-Qaeda terrorists were also driving new armored vehicles, tanks, and machine-guns mounted pickups supplied by Turkey.
The regime of Donald Trump along with other NATO member states offered the... Continue reading (video included):

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