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Who Is The Syrian Regime?

Very hard the USA strategists and their allies in many NATO members states intelligence services worked to get a term that would be attractive to the masses, easy to be used and serves as a demonizing term when the zero hour is determined to launch the Creative Chaos in the Middle East & North Africa, they came to the expression: People Demand Downfall of the Regime.

As much as it might sound ridiculous to native English speakers, it has a rhythm in Arabic, easy to memorize and short to write: Alsha'b Yurid Iskat Alnizam, (الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام), in the Arab world it was mainly used to refer to the US led regimes, and especially the former US president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak, along with the general scope of the Arab League and this term was more to describe the inability of the official body of the Arab countries League to do anything to help the Palestinians for over 6 decades in their struggle to end the inhumane occupation by another US entity in the region, israel. 

Former US president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak (right) with his buddy
israeli PM Olmert (left) who led 2006 war on Lebanon & 2008-2009 war on Gaza
Syrians, among other Arabs were chanting the same slogan when the Tunisian revolution started, as former US president of Tunisia wasn't an admirable figure in the Arab world, and the use of the term increased when the most hated former US president of Egypt Mubarak was faced with what it looked as a popular uprising, taking in consideration that the extremist Islamic organization the Muslim Brotherhood were not part of it for a long while before they took control of all of its achievements. If Mr. Mubarak was the US president of Egypt then, the Muslim Brotherhood organization was formed by the British foreign intelligence service in 1929 in Palestine then moved to Egypt while traces were being used in the Arabian Peninsula to establish what we now know as the Saudi Arabia, with the help of the Brits, supervision on it was exchanged with Germans, French, and US foreign intelligence offices, as if the conspiracy theory needed any more chapters. 

Syria, has a totally different story, where the president wasn't elected the way the US system goes, like 2 parties only compete internally to produce a candidate who would compete with his counterpart from the other party on how to harm the ordinary US citizens more and how to serve israel's best interests more.. In Syria, and due to its bloody past of multiple military coups within a 3 decades period before late president senior Assad reached power and managed to stable the country for 3 decades before his death mid 2000, and again due to the dangers surrounding the country from all of its borders, and the internal strife that might ensue in case of a vacuum in power, and again due to the composition of the Syrian society which we are witnessing now and we knew as Syrians all of the time, adding to the potential of the attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood organization to gain ground at any cost, including destroying the country as they tried to do over 6 years 1976 - 1982, not to forget the tribal mentality of the people in the East vs the loose family and tribal bonds if exists in the West, for all those reasons, the Syrian president was selected rather than elected.

Bashar Al Assad, who openly didn't want the job as all Syrians knew then was called to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining stability in the entire region and each person we see now opposing him were cheering his succession in power for their personal benefits as they saw in him a young, less experienced man than what his father used to be, and to distance themselves from any loss that might occur to claim they were forced to accept his appointing in power. However, none of the Syrian People Assembly's (Parliament) 250 members then, many of which are the elders of their 'tribes', opposed then, opposed later or even till date, the selection of Mr. Assad as a president despite the fact that they're not the same 250 members throughout the past 12 years of his presidency. 

Vast majority of those, non-Muslim Brotherhood members, opposing him now were officials serving long terms under him or his father or both, proved corrupt figures and ran away when he or his late father then measured their ability to shoulder responsibility in their posts, so they 'defected' and joined the opposition, figures like Abdel Halim Khaddam, who was one of the most hated figures close to the presidency and served in many posts from a governor to a minister of foreign affairs to vice president. His sons were involved in a number of corruption scandals didn't start with trying to bury nuclear radioactive wastes in Syria  and didn't end with the enormous fortune they were sitting on. He 'defected' when he felt the danger of being prosecuted, especially that Bashar Al Assad, the young president was keen on cleansing the corruption in spite of the enormous difficulties he was facing. Khaddam is one of the main figures of the current US led 'uprising' against president Assad. Mustapha Tlass, unlike Khaddam though they served side by side for a very long time each under late Hafez Al Assad and for the first years under Bashar's presidency, he was a career army general who climbed the ranks and proved loyalty at the darkest moments facing late Hafez during the battle with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization trying to establish a Taliban alike Islamic emirate in Syria since then, was one of those few in power whom stood by late Hafez against Hafez's own strong brother Rifaat Al Assad, who was leading the powerful, well trained and equipped then Saraya Difaa (now Republican Guards), when Rifaat led a failed military coup and ended up in him getting expelled, and his unit got integrated in the Army and renamed. Rifaat wasn't a loved person among Syrians who weren't in his close circle, those who benefited a lot through him when he had some power. Rifaat is another leading figure in the US led 'uprising' against president Bashar Al Assad now, however, Mustapha Tlass did not till now declare his stance officially, but his sons did a huge job serving US's goals, first by super corrupt Firas Tlass, a businessman who was tried feeding the Syrian Army with rotten meat from his Mortadella factory through an exclusive contract, since his father was the long serving minister of defense, and his younger brother Manaf Tlass, a commander of a unit in the Republican Guards, a personal friend of president Assad whom trusted him in resolving the riots in their hometown city Al Rastan, especially the riots were led there by one of their cousins Abderazzak Tlass, who himself claimed to be an Islamist extremist and very religious figure, turned out to be having some Skype cyber sex fantasies, but instead of Manaf handling the riots in a proper way, in his capacity as a unit commander in the Republican Guards, he commissioned weapons and supplies from the same unit storage to those fighting under his cousin's wing his own colleagues in the unit, causing huge casualties among the ranks of civilians and army at the beginning of riots in Rastan, then in Homs when Tlass the cyber sex boy occupied with his group the neighborhood of Baba Amro.

Cleric Jihadist Freedom Fighter Abdelrazzak Tlass cyber sex scandal - Part 1

A report by a NATO media outlet confirming that brigadier Manaf Tlass instead of settling a riot in his own city as entrusted by his commander, he went to supply weapons & munition to the rebels in order to kill his own unit (Republican Guards) officers & soldiers, plus civilians; not to mention that slain Manaf Tlass mentioned at the end of the report was assassinated at his college & he's the son of now dy. minister of defense Talal Tlass, the cousin that didn't 'defect'

Nawaf Al Faris was supposed to be a great gain to the opposition on the account of the 'regime', he was the Syrian ambassador to Baghdad, was a lead Baathist, was from a prominent tribe in Der Ezzor, but NATO aligned media fail to focus on one of his posts which was head of the most feared political security branch in Latakkia.. Talking about brutality and security oppression people revolting against.

The most laughable but not funny so far 'defection', was that of the newly appointed prime minister Riad Hijab, the guy was also from a tribe in Der Ezzor, a Baathist and a pro 'regime' activist since 1989 when he was head of the Baath Students Union in his city, then member of the Baath party leadership in his city then the head of Baath party in his city, then governor of Quneitra province in 2008, agriculture minister in former cabinet from April 2011, the reform government formed to meet the demands of the 'uprising' in reforms, then the prime minister who headed a cabinet just 2 months before his 'defection'..

So many other figures to mention, but barely you'll see a 'defector' who didn't serve for long and benefit on a personal level from his public service then defect when feeling exposure against 'corrupted and brutal Assad rule'.

If these 'defectors' were patriots, why didn't they challenge the 'embattled' Syrian president inside Syria and especially if we take in consideration their 'popularity' as western media tries hardly to imply, and if the 'rebels' control over 70% of Syria as again all western mainstream media tries to imply in its war propaganda on Syria, instead of all of them rushing to oil rich state Qatar, a US main ally in the Middle East...!? Did you think of that before?

Whatever the case is, if it was a 'public uprising', what was it against? The regime? Remember: People Demand Downfall of the Regime.. So if the 'regime' meant to be the target of the uprising, the entire 'regime' is already now in the 'revolution' camp, and if president Bashar Al Assad as a person is the target, it makes everything more clearer to the Syrian people and their real friends, it's not about reforms, it's about a bigger plot that have everything to do with except any good to Syria, because of what symbolism his person represents to the Syrians, their army, their security, their foreign policy and their pride.

Late Hafez Assad when asked to sign a peace deal with israel that will leave some 40 meters of Syrian land in the hands of israel he replied: "If I do so my bodyguard would kill me for treason."

Syrians are raised to such ideology. Syrians you see rioting are not the Syrians you'd meet during a visit to Syria unless you like to visit border, rural towns. Syrians you would see in your ordinary day to day are those who didn't riot, who rejected the US led 'revolution', those replacing the mainly 'defectors', those seen in mega rallies in support of president Assad and Syria:

Late Hafez Al Assad in the year 1970 led a peaceful 'Correctional Movement' which saw ridding the country from most of the corrupt old guards and replacing them with fresh figures, some of whom stayed in office till they became corrupt themselves and needed Bashar Al Assad to run a slow motion in-depth Correctional Movement allowing even those corrupt officials to leave the country without being oppressed and being exposed before the Syrian public opinion when they all rush to Qatar to receive their payments.

"Some Syrians wanted a 'regime change' in Syria, president Bashar Al Assad responded positively, and now almost all the corrupt figures of the old regime are in Qatar, and Syria has a fresh regime, a fresh constitution, a fresh media law, a fresh political parties law.."

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