Friday, August 10, 2012

Syrian News Channel Crew Kidnapped

Syrian News (Ikhbariya) Channel reported that it lost contact with its crew in Al Tal area in Damascus Countryside earlier today (Friday) and believes they were kidnapped by Turkey sponsored FSA Terrorists, as usual.

Reporter Yara Saleh, cameraman Abboud Tabra, and driver Housam Imad were kidnapped when in a mission to a restive area to report facts from there, in other words doing their job which we keep hearing mainstream media crying for not being allowed freely to do in Syria, which by the way is another big fat lie as many foreign channels are reporting from Syria including Russia Today, Al Alam, and many others even including Al Arabiya & BBC, where you can always see their reporters Hanna Houshan & Assaf Abboud respectively in each media conference and you can hear part of their reports on their channels while their channels omits most of their reports because it doesn't serve their propaganda.

A previous report by kidnapped journalist Yara Saleh with English annotations: 

I also refer you to the kidnapping, brutal torturing then heinous killing of Syrian prominent journalist Muhammad Saeed on 21 July 2012 and declaring his killing August 4th:

Erdogan's foolish policy of kidnapping and devaluing human lives and suffering is leading our entire region to total chaos, counter kidnapping will definitely occur because relatives won't keep quiet and victims would be civilians from all nationalities.

Day Dreamer New Ottoman Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdoğan FF the First & Final

Just 48 hours ago Iran warned Turkish PM Erdogan of this types of acts during a visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Salehi to Ankara after the same terrorist group kidnapped 48 Iranian pilgrims en rout from Damascus airport to Sayda Zeinab shrine in Damascus countryside, the same shrine Wahhabi clerics keep calling on their terrorist groups to destroy as they don't like any marked grave, let alone a shrine.

Instead of Turkey apologizing to Iranians for the kidnap of their citizens in Syria, Turkey escalated its tone against Iran in a very boyish foolish and can say stupid manner. Nations Led By Criminals Are Doomed To Failure.

We also remember how Erdogan sent his fighter jets flying low and fast into Syrian airspace and how Erdogan started jumping when Syrian air defense dropped one of them and harmed the other, called for NATO assistance to attack Syria in retaliation and only got 27 long middle fingers instead.

There's no gain at all for Turkey to interfere in the internal issues of its neighbors especially that Turkey itself is no idealistic country in human rights to start with, actually it's the worst in the region in the human rights violations droning own citizens and neighboring country villages in its own version of War on Terror, or say: War on its own people, the Kurds. Turkey has the largest number of journalists behind bars for their political views. Turkey has the worst record in human organs trade, actually it just seconds israel in the entire world in this illegal crime against humanity.

Interfering in other internal matters will only lead others to interfere back, and Turkey, the country very dependent on tourism shouldn't be instigating chaos in nearby countries.

Hopefully the people of Turkey will be able to gain their freedom from this lunatic regime before it's too late.

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