Saturday, June 2, 2012

War on Terror, Which Side Are You On?

A year ago, these men were attacked at their post, inside their building as you will see in the video clip below recorded by them in their final moments, they were not 'oppressing peaceful protesters'. 74 military, police and security personnel gathered from all sides of the city in the military security building, were attacked and killed in assassination mode after they fought the battle till the last bullet. 

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's sponsored terrorists numbered in hundreds (800 - 900) crossed  the borders with Syria with the help of Turkish intelligence and attacked this border town.

The head of this post after being killed had his body tied to a vehicle and was dragged all over the city as a trophy until his body was left like a torn cloth..

These people are still fighting the Syrian army with the help of the criminal organization called 'NATO', such help includes and not limited to: finance, training, arms, logistics, communications, guidance, media cover, and support in international venues.

Syria is fighting the Real War on Terror, against NATO and its stooges, on which side you are?

Warning - Last Part of The Clip is GRAPHIC


  1. May God have mercy on their pure souls

  2. I think we know who the terrorists are. Visit this link collection and see for yourself.



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