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What Does the BBC Want?

The BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation is as its real name says, and it can't be hidden by using a shortened name to be engraved in your minds The BBC. Its full name, which is difficult to find by the way, on their site online and elsewhere now is: British Broadcasting Corporation.

If you didn't get it yet, let me try to help you by using the 3 words composing its name: 

1- It's a Corporation, and corporations aren't angelic charity houses. And this article would blow your mind, literally (, of course unless you are a warmonger, then you'd be happy about it..!

2- It's British, and if you are from any country south, east or west of the island with the evil witch shape in the North Sea it reminds you with a wicked, brutal, colonialism empire, that invaded, destroyed many nations and cultures on this planet with most recently in Libya. Wherever they went they left ongoing conflicts by drawing intervening borders and inflicting strife among different ethnic groups of societies everywhere. Not to mention its ever biggest crime in history when it took God's role and displaced a nation to install a combination of settlers in its place, causing the ongoing disasters since 1917 in the Middle East.

3- Broadcasting, which means more like telling rather than debating. Broadcasting British views to the rest of the world. This used to be called Propaganda.

I won't elaborate further on the crimes of the Brits throughout history, I'll leave that to historians, although the British government deliberately destroyed records it has about its colonial criminal past (, but victims won't forget. What I'm really concerned is the ongoing meddling of the current UK government in my country's internal affairs.

Palestine was part of historical Syria, whether some like it or not, but historical Syria used to be at least twice its current size. It used to include parts occupied now by Turkey in the north, Al Mousel in Iraq, current Jordan, Palestine, and even Lebanon. A look at the map would tell you how a criminal mind divided that lovely place into different colonies and installed stooges and puppets in some, however, the remaining of Syria, or Syria as of today was always a problem for imperialists, they never found a way to divide it further, but at the same time they never gave up, at any cost.
The size of Syria after taking out Palestine and much of Jordan at that time. Actually if you look closer in the green part to the south east, you'll see that area is called: The Syrian Desert..!
What does the BBC have to do with this? It's the propaganda arm for all of this imperialist crimes globally, and as we see now, the main focus of all western media is not their respective ailing economies, not their students suffering from lack of student loans, not the poverty line that crossed 15% (about 49 million people) in the USA for instance, it's all about further dividing Syria across ethnic, religious and sectarian lines. Just like the old book of Divide & Conquer, as if some never want to learn from history.

In a previous post here I wrote how BBC Promotes a Terrorist into a Victim, and with the knowledge and experience the people at the BBC have, this was not done by a mistake. Even in further communications by some Syrian real 'Activists', people from inside the country with better knowledge to what's happening there than those in the infamous SOHR London based one man show office, the BBC insisted on showing its so own 'activist' known as Danny as a civilian victim of an oppressing regime despite overwhelming evidence provided by the real activists showing him embedded with terrorists and conflicting statements he made over different media houses.

Then just a few days ago and immediately after the vicious Houla massacre in central Syria, and instead of being on the victims side trying to be in efforts of exposing their murderers, we see the BBC warmongering against Syria and taking sides, concluding investigations that were just starting to affect the public opinion in justifying yet one more sovereign country's devastation in the name of spreading democracy.

The following scandal went viral on all media outlets, mostly not for the sake of bringing facts, rather in the struggle of Corporate Greed among different news outlets, however some did it out of outrage against the warmongering stance, this scandal shows the BBC using a picture of tens of dead Iraqi babies from 2003, and claiming it's from the Houla massacre sent by an 'activist'.
The reputed news channel immediately removes the picture and instead of issuing an apology, keeps warmongering with the same ugly tactics. In its latest, the BBC comes up with satellite images showing 'reported' Syrian army tanks positioned around the area where the massacre was committed, in a very cheap attempt to imply to its audience who is behind the crime that no sane mind would believe a trooper would commit, rather it's a work of a militia that answers to criminal minds like those creating sectarianism, fueling it and using it as justifications to spread imperialism, or call it western democracy. 

The satellite images shows images taken by a satellite, and with some illustrations by a 'BBC Security Correspondent' whom you have to trust without questioning, his illustrations shows 'reported' Syrian army positions, Shabeeha positions (they use this term to refer to Syrian security forces including military intel, policemen.. to de-legitimize them) and 'reporter' tank positions. They say the image is of the massacre site on May 26, 2012, the date the massacre was committed, which by itself raises an immediate question: Why western satellites are taking images of a massacre site to be? And also we should trust that the date is correct, and the 'reported' positions are actually positions of what they report they are; don't try to use your eyes to verify from the picture, trust them. Then some ridiculous explanation of what 'analysts' 'believe' and not what they can adopt directly. In other words: 'Analysts believe that this is what happened, and since they're analysts you should trust their hunch, there's no need to wait for the UN experienced observers teams on the ground investigation and their report, the BBC security correspondent has reached the conclusion based on what his 'analysts believe'.
Try to look deeper and find the Houla location. Their hastiness and their lack of professionalism and knowledge, their warmongering stance and dependence on people's faith in them, instead of showing Al Houla location, which is to the north west of what the image supposed to show, they show you the south of Taldou city, where another massacre was committed at the same time of Al Houla one along with even a third massacre in a third village called Shomaryieh, but they also failed to report it on their media, not for any other reason, but for one single reason: the killed were all pro Syria government. 

In an investigative report by a Russian independent news channel that actually met a survivor of the Houla massacre, among all the atrocities mentioned and detailed names and events that occurred, the lady mentions that among the victims were the wife and 3 children of the newly elected Syrian Parliament Trustee Mr. Abdul Mu'ti Mashlab, which I can't verify awaiting official news.

To be honest, as soon as I went through the site, I couldn't but remember the infamous UN Security Council session with the USA secretary of state then Collin Powell producing satellite images of mobile Weapons of Mass Destruction WMDs, in Iraq used by Saddam Hussein to kill his own people. The USA and its friends including Britain of course, invaded the country, devastated it, killed well over a million Iraqi directly and indirectly by causing their killings, after killing over 500,000 Iraqi children by criminal sanctions, displaced over 4 million others inside Iraq and across the borders based on that infamous UNSC session, with the satellite images evidence brought by Powell, left the country in further sectarian problems, a huge debt, and destroyed the world's economy in its way including their own economies at home. Not to mention thousands of their own citizens turned criminals by recruiting them in their invading armies and death squads.. etc.

When looking back at the previous covered babies photos, one can also remember the other infamous story of Kuwaiti babies in incubators used by the daughter of former Kuwaiti ambassador to the USA, and by the way, the army throwing babies from incubators out of windows was tried by the Syrian 'activists' and quoted more than once during the current Syrian crisis by channels like the BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN and Al Arabiya among others. Even they used an image of crowded babies inside incubators in a hospital in Alexandria, Egypt and claimed it was first in the National Hospital in Hama, Syria, then in the National Hospital in Homs, Syria..!! And the lies continue.

They fool you, they continue to fool you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're 'Foolable'

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  1. The information referred to in the above post about the killing of the newly elected Syrian Parliament Trustee wife and 3 kids is confirmed officially now.

    Just to make those dead minds think who the massacre attacked and who was killed.

    It's one crime to kill someone and it's a bigger crime to cover for the criminal by accusing someone else for the crime or finding justifications for it. Wonder what kind of justification can explain killing children?!



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