Sunday, June 3, 2012

Syria's First Lady's Shoes and The New World Order

Feeling Boiling with Syria's First Lady's Louboutin Shoes?

Media aligned with NATO worked hard over the past 15 months plus to come up with any piece of information that would harm the Syrian state by any way, whether that is at the political, community, security, military, officials personal level or any level they can tangle the feelings of the Sheeple and direct them in the propaganda war they waged against this country, not for anything else except this small Middle Eastern state dared tell the United States of America NO in its face. Not only saying NO to the super power when it was in its heights of ego, but dared working hard to fail any US hegemony plans in the region, if not affecting the worldwide New World Order altogether.

Can you imagine that in part of the ongoing planning and plotting to make happen the criminal thought of a one government world that would rule the entire human race under the guise of using slogans that totally are opposite to this daemonic goal, slogans like: Spreading Democracy, Promoting Free Speech and Securing Human Rights; can you imagine that the Syrian first lady's 'shoes' were part of their master plan?!

Don't be surprised, we as Syrians have witnessed all kinds of low propaganda from targeting all our national symbols from our flag in an attempt to replace it with another one, to targeting the Syrian map by showing maps with divided ethnic based tiny states, targeting the Syrian army by having terrorists posing in its uniform  and committing crimes to frame it in unverifiable youtube video clips, all other low propaganda that targeted the head of the Syrian state with all his family members, not ending with his wife of course, even her shoes.

An article dated Monday 19 March 2012, the Guardian appeared with an interesting, disconnected, totally out of touch article titled: Is Christian Louboutin toast now that we know his overpriced shoes are the favourite footwear of Asma al-Assad?

Based on the funny story of fake Syrian president's personal emails leaked and out of discoveries of western intelligence agencies combined their efforts to discover the shopping habits of the Syrian first lady from again her personal emails. We won't discuss the email story itself because having it hosted at a small commercial hosting company in Dubai while the Syrian presidential palace has its own servers and the Syrian Information Society, a public corporation owned by the Syrian government and headed once by the Syrian president himself, can offer much more secure and realistic option to host the Syrian first family's personal emails.. But what we will discuss is the craze of the yellow western media to serve the only goal: demonize the Syrian state's head in order to fail the state to further destroy it, install puppet regimes in place to serve the ultimate goal: New World Order.

In the Guardian article mentioned above there's a cheap way in demonizing the Syrian first family by trying to imply to the readers that an owner of a VIP brand worldwide would have 'his career ended' just because one of its pair of shoes was bought by the Syrian first lady! Just in case Asma Al Assad did buy that pair of shoes from this brand.

Go through the article and sense the ugly language of one of the UK's dirtiest newspapers known for its pro-NATO wars. 

Now keep in mind that the UK is not having its very best economical times, and the Queen is supporting an austerity measures.

If however you did get appalled by the 'crime' the Syrian first lady committed in buying a pair of shoes, again if this story had any bases, maybe you should read the following article, where it's not a problem that the UK's crown prince's son's wife that she buys from an expensive brand a dress from Alexander McQueen worth £1,195, it's the problem that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has wore a dress that was wore before by another celebrity, Kim Kardashian in New York last year.
Are you boiling?

* They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're 'Foolable'

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  1. Intelligent article. You bring up many salient points.



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