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Short Video Clip Documents NATO Media Propaganda

The Real Story

REAL journalism does exist

There are journalists that want to provide the world with teh TRUE accounts.

This video is an example of this.

Webster Tarpley (Author, Historian, Journalist): “There are death squads, there are terrorist commandos that had been brought in by the world’s specialists in death squads and terrorists commandos, that is the CIA and NATO intelligence. Think of what you know about Argentina, think of what you know about Central America. Death squads, right… this is what’s actually happening, and when you get these accounts right from Al Jazeera or any number of other authorities about children being killed or how many people got killed? Ask yourself: who’s doing the killing? And it turned out in a very large numbers of these cases, it’s these snipers.”

Eric Margolis (Author, Journalist): “The situation in Syria remains incredibly murky and complex and opaque as when we last discussed it. - Oh Really? The Western media makes the situation seem so simple: Isn’t the Assad regime simply cracking down and targeting protesters? That is what we are intended to believe.”

Thierry Meyssan (Author, Journalist): “RT’s Sara Firth asks him Q: Can you tell us what are your perceptions of the situation?
A: It begin with some armed groups entering inside the country, and making big troubles, trying to create Islamic emirates on the borders first near Jordan.

He says “On the border near Jordan”

Nizar Nayouf (Syrian Journalist): “Nizar Nayouf confirms the fact that troops are organizing on the Jordan border:
James Corbett (from the asks him: as I understand we have a developing new story at the moment, it seems that foreign military forces are amassing on the Jordanian borders near Syria, so what information can you give us about this story?
A: Information I received about foreign (strangers) moving between some villages (Jordanian villages) near the Syrian border… There are many hundreds of troops, they are not Jordanian, not Arabs… They decided to make something like a command center in the village of Al Housha, it is near Al Mafraq, about 5 kilometers or more, Al Mafraq is only 10 Kilometers from the Syrian borders… now we can say that troops who were moving between the Syrian borders are Americans and not from another nationality..”

Webster Tarpley: “In Syria unfortunately we have to do, we are dealing with a betrayal of good neighborly relations by the main four countries Turkey, Jordan, Iraqi Kurdish Entity and also by Lebanon.. We have 4 places where a rebellion has been tried some months ago, and each one is peripheral, they’re all at the edge of Syria, not in the middle, they’re at the edge, and it simply shows you when you look at the map that this is being done from outside the country.”

Eric Margolis interviewed on Antiwar Radio – December 2012: “yes, there are outside forces, they’re armed groups, some of them are Salafist Islamic hardliners, some are just mercenaries, some of them are Lebanese fascists from the Phalange party, coming in from Lebanon being financed and armed by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.. in attempt to promote Civil War and Overthrow the Government.”  

This may sound a bit familiar:

Thierry Meyssan compares the West’s actions in Libya to the situation in Syria:
“RT’s Sara Firth Q: You were also on the ground in Libya, in what ways you can do a comparison to the situation happening now in Syria?
A: The way to act for NATO is exactly the same, they do exactly the same way to create the file in the United Nations first the Geneva Council on Human Rights and after in the Security Council, they try to manipulate the Arab League exactly in the same way in the Libyan case, they organize a big story in front of the General Council on Human Rights, they said there are 5,000 people killed by the security forces, of course it’s absolutely wrong; there are a lot of people killed but a very few by the security forces, most of them are killed by this armed groups they put inside the country, and they’re the same armed groups they use in Libya, and now you have some different solution.. there are some 600 people coming from Al Qaeda in Libya who are now in Syria, especially the head of the military government of Tripoli, Libya is now in Iskandaron in Turkey to organize all the fight inside Syria, and he leads the Tripoli Brigade which was the people from Al Qaeda and now responsible for the security in Tripoli, they are now all of them inside Syria and the famous Spanish reporter who was first in Libya recognized them here inside.. at the top of this so called Free Syrian Army, but it is not Syrian.”

Webster Tarpley: “They eventually began to recycle the killers and terrorists who were active in Libya during the summer, the Al Qaeda and Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood tasks who were there, they’re been recycled back into Syria. We then went on to visit the home of a guy who got killed, they invited us, the local people said: here you have to go and talk to this family, and this guy was a taxi driver and we get into the ethnic stuff, he was an Alawite taxi driver, he was kidnapped and murdered by a group of these terrorists, so we got to visit his family, and the family were Assad supporters, they had pictures of Hafez Assad and the current president in their homes.. I would just say the difference between the Latin American death squads and the Syrian death squads as far as I can see is the following: the Latin American death squads was very carefully targeted, was kidnapping and murder and if you were a communist or if you were a trade unionist then you were a fine target, but in the case of Syria it’s just killing, they told us men, women and children, you could be a Sunni, you could be a Shia, you could be an Alawite, you could be a Christian, you could be a Druze, you could be a Kurd, this didn’t matter, so it’s not the targeted you know knock on the doors in the dead of night and then you’re kidnapped and you disappear, it’s more you’re walking along the street at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you get killed by a sniper. So this I think is the reality of Homs.”

“You arrive at a situation, you arrive at a scene where a half an hour ago somebody got shot, and 30 minutes later people are crossing very normally the street, me crossing the street, I’ve been feeling basically, literally I’ve been feeling that somebody is aiming, the sniper is aiming at me and it’s up to him if he’s going to pull the trigger or not.

I came to this junction, and I realized that somebody wanted to cross the street with a huge bag of cigarettes, so I could hear the snipers shooting and he was unable to cross the street and the bag of cigarettes was in the middle of the street, so it was again one of this very impressive scenes where people have been very happily and almost like a sports challenge to get the cigarettes bag out from the snipers range, and they’ve been happy when they could.”

“We need to cross the street to buy bread and other food, but the snipers have surrounded this area, it’s a huge danger”

“And they started to throw the bread because they were not able to cross, so everything they needed on the other side they throw it over the streets”

Webster Tarpley: It’s blind terrorism, random killing, a kind of uncontrollable massacre of people, and let me just be specific about what I mean by this: If you read these crazy Western media, they will tell you that Homs is the great center of this rebellion here, the civil war in Syria.. Well, when we got here, with the delegation I was with, we went right to Homs, within 24 hours of the coming we went to Homs, and not only did we go to Homs, we went to Zahra, we went to the neighborhood that supposedly thee center of all agitation, and when you get there what you see is first of all empty streets and then eventually we saw 500 people in a public square and they were agitating somehow, they were having a demonstration of some kind, we were a little bit frightened because we thought these were the people armed and .. so we get down on to the street, we leave our bus, and go on to the street, and here are these people, the number one issue for them it’s not what you think, it’s ‘Mazoot’, they’re concerned about fuel oil, and they’re concerned about the fact that it’s getting cold and the winter is here and they need to heat their homes, and there’s not enough fuel oil and they have criticisms of the governor of the province whom we also met, who seems like a good guy to me, but they say that he doesn’t do enough to get the ‘Mazoot’, now, as soon as you are talking about ‘Mazoot’, there are two things: one is there’s already economic sanctions by NATO, there’s economic warfare that influences the availability..

Economic sanctions forced upon Syria by NATO and The Arab League has devastated the population. Yet most Syrians continue to have faith in their leader.”

Thierry Meyssan: “At the beginning of the sanctions it destroyed different parts of the economy, of course all the tourism is totally destroyed, but during the winter you have no more fuel, there’s also problems with different imported goods, but I think this is now changing because there’re new agreements between Syria, Iran and China for that, they try now to impose Arabic sanctions and it could really be a disaster for this country but they discovered very quickly that it will be also a disaster for the other Arab countries around, so they have to stop these sanction. So now Syria is able to resist for a very long time this pressure from NATO.”

Webster Tarpley: “The other thing is I’ve been told that various of these terrorists, the death squads, they specifically target the trucks that carry the fuel oil ‘Mazoot’, they hijack the trucks and try to take them to Turkey where they can sell at a better price, and Lebanon, so we got to see these people demonstrating, so the question is: what is the political coloration, they’re pro Assad..”

A huge pro-Assad rally in Damascus shown.

Eric Margolis: “I would guess at least half or maybe more in Syria who support the government, like Syrian Christians, Syrian Kurds, minority groups, Armenians.. and the business community, and people in the big cities who want stability and calm.”

Webster Tarpley: “The interesting thing was their criticism of Assad was not that he was a tyrant or that he did too much, but that he was too soft, he was too concerned about international public opinion, he was too concerned about having people abroad think that he was cracking down, these people were basically begging for a crackdown, they said: where is the Syrian Army? Indeed, when you drive in, you think wow, if it was a hot neighborhood there’ll be a tank at every corner, there’ll be troops in the streets, no, there was not this stuff.”

Thierry Meyssan: “Since for the last 10 years in the Middle East, the imperialistic system is pushing the division between the communities, to reshape the great Middle East diving the people in different sects.”

Webster Tarpley: “It doesn’t matter who you are? Whether you’re a man, woman, a child, you can be a Baathist, a communist, that doesn’t matter, they’ll kill you anyway. You can be Christian any kind, Greek Orthodox, whatever, Assyrian, you can be Sunni, Druze, Kurds, you can be anything, and they’ll kill you. So it’s an equal opportunity killer.

That is, I think, an extremely dramatic proof that the story, I just saw one of the presenters on the BBC say: and of course Homs is the center of this rebellion, I’ve been there, I’ve been with people all around me, they couldn’t wait to tell their stories, then you ask them: what should happen? What is the answer to this? What are you demanding? And they’ll say: we want the Syrian Army to come in large numbers, we want more soldiers here, what should they do? They want the soldiers to climb on the roofs of the houses and stay there and patrol and make sure that the snipers can’t come and start killing people.”

Eric Margolis: “Since the days of the Bush Administration, the US Congress has been funding subversion in Syria to overthrow the government, and now that movement has accelerated because before there was cautions, who would take over? If the Muslim Brotherhood is going to take over if we overthrow the government, now we don’t care.. it’s just a way to get the Iranians.. let’s just Bomb, Bomb, Bomb those Iranians.”

Scott Horton (Host of Antiwar Radio): “Well, as you say all of this is just done with Iran in mind because they just figured if they can take the Assad regime to fall and Syria to come apart that it’ll provoke enough of a reaction out of the Iranians and they can finally maneuver them to fire the first shot supposedly and the next war.”

Eric Margolis: “There’s that and there’s Iran will be seriously weakened by the loss of Syria, its most important ally, Hizbollah will be cut off, the israelis will be delighted, the Palestinians will be left without Syrian supporters, Syrian base, so it will be seen as a big victory by Washington.”

What exactly is happening?

Webster Tarpley: “The basic situation is that there’s a hysterical demagogic public relations campaign by NATO intelligence, the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, DGSE  and other NATO forces against Syria, and this is a destabilization, the goal is to overthrow the government and to smash the existing political arrangements, to smash the STATE.”

How are we being fooled?

“And their thesis is that there’s a civil war in Syria, that there’s a mass political movement of most of the population against president Assad and against the Baath party that the Syrian Army under the orders of the Baath party and Assad have responded to this by killing 3,000 or 4,000 people. And the striking thing is that when you get here you see this is a complete fiction. It is a fantastic invention.”

We have reached a critical time in history. Imperialist propaganda is at it’s peak.

Webster Tarpley: “This is not a civil war, there’s no civil war.”

We must be aware and educate ourselves.

Webster Tarpley: “There’s no mass killing of civilians by the army.”

For, we are living in an age where the decisions of very few will affect millions of lives…
For generation.

Webster Tarpley: “A divergent of reality and propaganda.”

“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise. Adolf Hitler

Webster Tarpley: “It’s really a political analyses that has no roots on this planet, maybe on another planet, but not this one.”

The time is now to stand up.

Webster Tarpley: “The reality that you find is absolutely the opposite in the most striking way I think in recent years anywhere in the world. It’s a complete negation.”

“All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume”. Noam Chomsky


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