Saturday, February 18, 2012

Read the News About Syria From a Different Angle

Some of the news regarding Syria that occurred during the past 24 hours & you didn't read it correctly:

1) Sarkozy, the French president confesses: "we cannot have a revolution 'against the Syrian govt' without the Syrian people".
Who were you supporting then you stupid moron if the people aren't revolting?! & since you don't have the 'people revolting' what were you telling your people all this time? And why are you so aggressive against the Syrian government if its people aren't revolting? Who is really killing people there?

2) James Clapper, US Spy Chief confirmed Al Qaeda is fighting Syrian govt & carrying terrorist attacks against it. So Syria isn't allowed to fight Al Qaeda now since it is a US ally against Syria! Wasn't Al Qaeda created, supported, planted, trained, equipped and financed by the CIA? & who released over 400 ex-Qaeda members from Iraqi jails before the US Army withdrawal from there & dispatch them to Syria?! Who airlifted between 600 & 900 Al Qaeda members from Libya to Turkey's borders with Syria? Who brought hundreds more to Jordan, south of Syria, again from Libya, for 'recreation'?! Who really controls Al Qaeda & who really fights it?!

3) Russians intel revealed a plot while listening to conversations that the FSA, the umbrella which all 'rebels', 'freedom fighters', 'Salafis', 'Ikhwan', 'Al Qaeda' and 'thugs' work under, was intending to use chemical weapons & commit a massacre then blame it on the Syrian army to cause discontent among the Syrian public, use it as a political card & maybe justify a swift military intervention. Then earlier today a NY Times prominent reporter Anthony Shadid embedded with an FSA group 'dies' at the borders inside a military closed zone of an 'asthma attack' as his employer stated & added he was allergic to horses! Aren't the symptoms of an 'asthma attack' very similar to inhaling a poisonous chemical gas?! Just wondering because his body was carried by a cameraman alone and under barbed borders in a very tense high heated border area, unless the cameraman is some kind of a superman!

4) A prominent Sunni Sheikh 'cleric' was assassinated in front of his house in a Damascus suburb with 5 gun shots (hatred) just a week after his Khutba 'Friday sermon' was aired live by State TV asking armed militias to lay down their weapons & join the reform process peacefully. All NATO aligned media labeled him: a 'pro-Assad religious leader' in an ugly way first to hide the fact that he was a Sunni sheikh, then to justify his killing as if he deserved to be killed for his opinion not to carry out terrorist attacks against civilians & infrastructure!!

5) A vetoed UNSC resolution was carried to the UNGA to condemn the Syrian govt for acts of violence against own people, of course beside all the above, we should note that this precedent opens the road to carry about or more than 60 vetoed UNSC resolutions condemning israel for its barbaric acts in Palestine against Palestinians. All vetoes were by the USA alone against the will of the other 14 members of the UNSC & latest was last week!!

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