Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who is Winning and Who is Losing in Syria?

Syria, the ongoing conflict that NATO member states has started by inflicting strife among societies in sovereign nations using old style techniques and covert operations, in order to justify invading new countries for the goal of exporting devastating worrying and pressing internal economic crises at home, this crisis is now backfiring on those who started it, and benefiting those who are opposing it, how come? Let's read the current situation away from propaganda:

Those who planned the Arab Spring have worked hard in details of every movement to be carried out basing their plans on previous successes in other countries like Yugoslavia and Ukraine and just did a copy paste into selected MENA (Middle East and North Africa) countries in an order that was supposed to take out 7 countries also didn't go as planned because planning on paper is something and how events evolve on the ground is something different. 

What happened now is the order didn't go as planned, some countries came into the spotlight instead of others, therefore there was a huge failure in anticipating what to do at the higher levels of policy making in NATO countries and you all remember how they tried to support Ben Ali in Tunisia then they had to call for his ouster when it went out of hands, then what happened when they tried to the very last minute with Mubarak and then the same thing happen because Egypt was not supposed to be in the first wave, it was supposed to start later, Libya was within the plan and therefore they went in full speed even against UNSC and against all odds, Gaddafi was just a month before an honourable guest by all NATO leaders and a friend in many then out of a sudden he's a dictator and should be killed! Syria was supposed to fall for the 'Arab Spring' but things didn't turn out the way planned, because they didn't read Syria and the Syrian people properly, they just copied and pasted and that's why we are now witnessing exactly what they tried to avoid for a very long time: the demise of the west hegemony on the international arena and the rise of the BRICS (Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries on the west's account and here is the list of who is winning now and who is losing based on those who are involved directly now in the Syrian case:

1. Syria: Despite the death of several thousands of civilians, army personnel and security staff, damages to the infrastructure and a squeeze to the economy, Syria gained a lot and here is a count of few gains:
a.  Instead of losing tens of thousands by pulling the legs of the Syrian army to face the armed terrorists in full scale and thus justify a NATO invasion using their puppets in Turkey, the Syrian army and security has chose to handle the insurgency with caution and extra care by surgical operations that leads to taking out the terrorist at the least cost on the civilians side. In Libya over 160,000 feared to have lost their lives due to NATO strikes and ensuing civil war, in Iraq over 1 million Iraqi lost their lives for the same reason.
b. NATO agents have been planted inside Syria and others were recruited over a span of several years, spies sent and terrorists were embedded in remote communities, the current crisis has flushed all of these and hundreds of them are now kept away or liquidated.
c. The current crisis gave president Assad the motive he needs to push on political, economical and social reforms he was implementing with fierce resistance from layers of corrupt officials slowing it for years, now within less than a year the country has a new constitution and a number of long awaited laws including lifting the Emergency Law, cancelling the State Security Court, a new multi-party law and a host of other new laws.
d. Now Syria knows exactly who are its foes and who are its friends on the international arena, and especially those in the region.
e. Sanctions should push the country imposed on to be creative and innovative, therefore the Syrian economy that suffered from a lengthy unjustifiable bundle of sanctions has managed to be self-efficient, and when its economy was opened in a hastily way, this crisis worked as an awakening to depend on self resources instead of imports.
f.  Syria and Turkey has signed a number of mutual treaties that were n favor of Turkey and its economy on the account of the Syrian economy, as Turkish extreme Muslim Brotherhood government under Erdogan went too far in its hostility towards Syria, the latter managed to cancel all such treaties and get back on track of development.

2. Russia: As a rising super economy at the same time the United States economy is facing its worst days along with its western allies, gave Russia a push to be reinstated as a super power, this was practiced twice politically by the double veto at the UNSC with China and economically by speeding its South Stream Gas pipelines while Nabucco the project the west was planning to transfer gas by pipes excluding Russia and in a direct hit to strangle it, now it’s in the past and Russia is strangling its foes.

3. China: As Russia has benefited from proving its heavy weight on the international scene and after decades of silent and sometimes negative policy and became a dynamic player in many regions starting with its experience in Syria after the first double veto at the UNSC with Russia in November 2011 and then the second in February again with Russia putting an end to the hegemony of the single polar and hegemony of the USA on the entire world.

4. Iran: The decades age alliance between Iran and Syria has proven to be the most viable, most trustworthy, most valuable alliance among all alliances in the history of countries’ relations. Instead of isolating Iran after removing Syria then targeting it directly, the failure of the plot in Syria has boosted Iran’s ability to maneuver more freely and take further precautions.

5. Iraq: Was supposed to extend the US occupation of this country, but because the plot didn’t succeed in Syria, and the steadfast position the three countries: Iraq, Iran and Syria the team has managed to lead to a complete US army withdrawal in the shadow of night in a very humiliating way. Iraq is back to its regional positioning instead of being an attachment to the United States.

6. USA: Since it couldn’t extend the occupation of Iraq due to the failure of its plot in Syria, USA started the retreat move and back to its normal size. Its economy will not get the boost it was hoping for by stealing others wealth, and the retreat will not be limited to Iraq, but will cover the entire MENA within a very short period of time.

7. Other NATO members: France and UK in particular after they won the invasion of Libya faced their defeat in Syria, now instead of planning for long staying in Libya and other areas in the region, they’ll be planning to steal as much as possible at the shortest time because when Syria finishes its crisis, the cleansing will be spread and the dominos will flip the other way back. France has proved it’s a helpless country and its economy will fail in a faster and more hurtful manner. USA, France, UK and to a large extent Germany had their military toys get exposed and from super powers which dictates orders to smaller countries to countries begging their victims to protet their troops in Afghanistan and US president begging Iran to return the spy drone the latter managed to control.

8. Qatar: Was having its days in rising as a regional player and a respectful role among Arabs, it was defaced because of its roles and the consequences of having spilling blood in Syria and Libya mainly will be very hard, Qatar should think seriously and very fast who to present as scapegoats to retain its geography or else.

9. Saudi Arabia: Was silent for most of the time but lately had shown that it was also a player side by side with the Qataris. When you push others for democracy you will have to be ahead of them and lead by example, so the democracy infection is hitting Saudi very fast and it’ll be very violent unless they recalculate very fast and change their entire way of living before their public think for a second why they’re pushing for democracy abroad when they lack the basics of it inside the country?!

10. israel: The biggest loser from the entire crisis in Syria, watching the real power of the Syrian Army and the coherence of the integral Syrian governmental establishment based on secular democracy rather than the sectarian false democracy the Zionism that is running the baseless regime of the occupiers in Palestine.

11. Others: The world is witnessing a new world order, not the way the neoconservatives in Washington wanted, but a balanced one where every country will be exercising its powers within its power limits. The Arab countries will wake up to the sad story that the Arab Spring was a fake revolution and this fake revolution has failed miserably leading them from a secular dictatorship to an extremist dictatorship, the developing countries now can stand up in front of conditions proposed by the USA and its sisters in crimes France and UK, toothless Germany and the barking Canada and Australia.

A lot more will come out especially when Syria finishes its crisis and cleanse its land from the NATO agents, these to come are for the good of the world and for the dismay of the criminals, not that they’ll give up, but their venom will be less effective.


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