Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Israel-led USA Commits War Crime in Syria, Iraqi Resistance Bomb US Bases in Retaliation

Israel-led USA committed a new war crime in eastern Syria bombing civilian trucks entering the country from Iraq, this was followed by the bombing of the illegal US Army bases in Syria by the Iraqi Resistance.

US fighter jets bombed with 7 missiles 3 trucks carrying building materials killing its drivers and passengers in a new war crime added to the very long list of US war crimes in Syria and around the globe.

In retaliation, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance bombed the illegal US Army base stealing the Syrian oil in Deir Ezzor province.

This comes after a heated day of bombings and within the month-long escalations between the Israel-led USA and their terrorists against the people of the Levant: Palestinian West Bank, Palestinian Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon.

US officials keep repeating they have the right to defend themselves in Syria, there's no such right for occupation forces, the only right these occupation forces is to get bombed until they leave, vertically - walking away, or horizontally - on stretchers and in body bags.

More about this latest development and the full English transcript of the above video report in this report: Iraqi Resistance Avenges US War Crime Bombs Illegal US Base.

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