Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Syria News's Miri Wood in Occupied Palestine against the Israeli War Crimes

American prominent investigative journalist, political activist, and career medic Miri Wood shared with our Syria News readers her firsthand accounts of confronting the Zionist war criminals in Israel during her visit to the occupied Palestinian territories.

Palestine, Syria & the Unprincipled Attack on Congresswoman Tlaib

Reading about events is something, following it unfold on news channels is something else, imagine living it, being a part of its events, and coming back to describe the experience, that's priceless.

Miri Wood takes us on her journey into an occupied Palestinian village called Bilin and how a 20-minute trip turned into a two hours checkpoint to checkpoint crawling movement and ended up in a march to protest an apartheid wall only to find herself, an American Jewish activist on the receiving end of the Israeli IDF extreme brutality.

The friendship she made there, the story of the 10 years old girl who lives 45 minutes from the beach and never in her lifetime has seen the beach, smelled the beach, or even seen it from behind the ghetto village she was born in and its walls were closing on her.

How Palestinian farmers were blocked from reaching their farms by the segregation wall on their lands in a push to force them into diaspora.

Miri Wood wrote her piece to Syria News in the wake of the vicious smearing attacks by US politicians against the Palestinian American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, presenting motions to censor a US Congresswoman in the country that prides itself on its First Amendment of its constitution explicitly preventing Congress from making laws to restrict freedom of religion and free speech.

Whatever I write as an intro to Miri Wood's article will not pay it any justice, I invite you to join Miri Wood on her journey to Bilin and her take on US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's attempts to silence her colleague Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and the connection to Syria: Palestine, Syria & the Unprincipled Attack on Congresswoman Tlaib.

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