Sunday, October 29, 2023

Syrian and Iraqi Resistance Bomb US Military Bases, Dozens of Casualties Confirmed

The Syrian and Iraqi resistance bombed all the main US military bases in both countries, local sources confirmed at least 24 casualties among the US soldiers with most of the wounded suffering critical injuries.

Salvos of missiles and kamikaze drones pummeled the illegal US military bases, army and air bases, in Syria and Iraq during this month, the US CENTCOM admitted its bases were bombed and also admitted casualties among its personnel except it claimed the soldiers bombed with missiles suffered from slight injuries and only one US contractor killed!

Side note: a US contractor in Iraq or in Syria means a CIA agent.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq issued a statement each time they bombed a US military base and shared videos showing its missiles and kamikaze drones fired at the multiple US bases whose presence in both countries is illegal.

The Syrian Resistance has vowed to bomb the US bases in Syria each time Israel bombs Syria with an unsettled score before the 7th of October humiliating defeat of the Israeli IDF at the hands of a few hundred fighters from Gaza and after this date.

The Iraqi Islamic Resistance was tasked to evict the US military from all of West Asia after former US President Trump killed the Iranian IRGC Major General Qasem Soleimani while on a peace mission in Iraq along with the second commander of the Iraqi PMU forces who were combating ISIS in the country on the 3rd of January 2020.

In addition to both tasks, both the Syrian and Iraqi resistance forces are morally obliged to aid the Palestinian people in defense in the face of the US-led NATO-sponsored Israeli Holocaust on the Palestinians in Gaza.

More details about these escalating and high-risk developments in this report: US Bases Bombed, US Bombs Syria, US Bases Bombed, Again.

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