Monday, August 7, 2023

Israel and NATO's Al Qaeda Uighur Terrorists Kill 8 Syrian Officers in 24 Hours

In a coordinated escalation of terrorism against Syria, the NATO proxies, Israel and Al Qaeda terrorists, carried out two attacks against Syrian Arab Army (SAA) posts in the southern countryside of Damascus and in the northern countryside of Latakia, the two attacks resulted in killing 8 Syrian Army personnel.

Israel and NATO's Al Qaeda Uighur Terrorists Kill 8 Syrian Officers in 24 Hours

Al Qaeda Chinese Uighur terrorists of the so-called Turkistan Islamist Party attacked in the dense fog in the early hours of dawn a Syrian Army post in northern Latakia countryside benefiting from the intel provided to them by NATO's second-largest army, the Turkish Army.

The terrorist attack turned into heavy clashes and led to the killing of a Syrian Army Colonel, a Captain, and 2 soldiers.

Turkistan Islamist Party is not part of the 'moderate rebels' comprising the Syrian peaceful opposition as described by Western politicians and their mainstream media stenographers. Syria is not part of Xinjiang Province in Western China, it's very far from it. Syrians do not look remotely like Chinese.

This Turkistan Islamist Party is a terrorist organization sponsored by NATO Turkey and is sponsored directly by the Turkish madman Erdogan who follows the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood ideology, a political cult created by Britain and later sponsored by the West. It's even listed as a terrorist group by international organizations including the United Nations Security Council, and no one can explain how it enjoys the protection and full sponsorship from Turkey.

Later in the early hours of dawn, Israel bombed several posts of the Syrian Arab Army in the vicinity of Damascus, southern Syria, from over the occupied Syrian Golan.

The Israeli fighter jets fired a barrage of missiles from over the Golan before fleeing back to their bases deep in occupied Palestine. Syrian air defense managed to shoot down a number of the incoming missiles, the ones that escaped the air defense killed 4 Syrian Army officers.

One of the Syrian air defense missiles chased an Israeli fighter jet and blew up in the skies of the occupied Golan, some local sources said.

More about these two NATO-sponsored terrorist attacks on Syria in this report: Israel Bombs the Outskirts of Damascus Killing 4 Syrian Soldiers.

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