Thursday, August 10, 2023

NATO Terrorists Assassinate Syrian Journalist and 3 Soldiers in Daraa

An IED planted by NATO-sponsored terrorists was detonated in a vehicle in the southern countryside of Daraa killing 4 of its passengers and severely injuring the fifth passenger, upon inspections, it turned out to be a terrorist assassination against a Syrian journalist.

Syrian Journalist and Three SAA Soldiers Assassinated in Daraa

Feras Al Ahmad, a Syrian journalist from a town in the northern countryside of Daraa was the target of the assassination attack by the remnants of the US-led coalition of terrorism in Syria using an IED planted in his vehicle.

Journalist Al Ahmad was his cameraman and 3 soldiers, two of the soldiers were killed in the explosion, the third succumbed to his wounds upon arriving at the hospital, and the cameraman Ahmad Al Masalmeh, also from Daraa, was severely injured.

The crew was returning from the border area with Jordan covering a bust by the Syrian Arab Army to a drug trafficking group operating across the Syrian - Jordanian borders.

Yesterday's direct targeting of Syrian journalists is part of the recent escalation by the US-led NATO 'defensive' alliance in Syria to compensate for their failures across the globe.

More in this report: Syrian Journalist and Three SAA Soldiers Assassinated in Daraa.

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