Sunday, April 2, 2023

Another NATO Special Unit Eliminated by the Syrian Army in Idlib

NATO special units attacked the Syrian Army posts in northern Syria trying to storm villages in coordination with Israel's bombing of the Syrian capital in the south, one of the groups attacking the SAA posts were eliminated including its commander.

Syrian Army Eliminates a Group of al Qaeda HTS Terrorists in Idlib

A double attack by Al Qaeda Levant, NATO's proxy army in northern Syria, and the affiliate of the Turkish army, NATO's second largest Army, targeted the village of Al Dana in Idlib's southwestern countryside and Basratun in Aleppo's western countryside and was foiled by the Syrian Arab Army units defending this region.

The clashes started at the time of Iftar, sunset time breakfast time in Ramadan, and ended around 10 am when the Al Qaeda HTS terrorists had to retreat to the barracks of the Turkish army for cover.

It's no secret that the Turkish madman Erdogan unleashed his Al Qaeda terrorists against the Syrian people in an attempt to pressure the Syrian government into concessions to help him in his upcoming presidential election next month.

Similarly, the Israeli leaders are trying to divert the attention of their people from the ongoing unrest into a regional war.

All of these attacks are carried out from a single command center manned by officers from the different countries involved in the US-led war of terror waged against Syria for the past 12 years.

More in this report: Syrian Army Eliminates a Group of al Qaeda HTS Terrorists in Idlib.

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