Saturday, March 11, 2023

A Severe Blow to US-led NATO; China Mediates Iran and Saudi Rapprochement

The dumbest policies of the crazies, aka the 'adults', in the US regime are helping fix some of the world's most persistent conflicts, with the latest success of China securing rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia and hammering a new nail in the US evil empire's coffin.

China Succeeds in Restoring Saudi – Iranian Diplomatic Relations

A trilateral statement yesterday, Friday 10th of March 2023 took the world by surprise, Iran and Saudi Arabia reached an agreement on multiple bilateral issues with the help of the brilliance of Chinese diplomacy led by Mr. Wang Yi, the overall in charge of China's foreign policies.

The statement signed by the heads of intelligence in Iran and Saudi Arabia details their agreement on:

"Resuming diplomatic relations between them and re-open their embassies and missions within a period not exceeding two months, and the agreement includes their affirmation of the respect for the sovereignty of states and the non-interference in internal affairs of states.
They also agreed that the ministers of foreign affairs of both countries shall meet to implement this, arrange for the return of their ambassadors, and discuss means of enhancing bilateral relations.
They also agreed to implement the Security Cooperation Agreement between them, and the General Agreement for Cooperation in the Fields of Economy, Trade, Investment, Technology, Science, Culture, Sports, and Youth."

This literally blows away decades of hard work by the USA, its European Union vassals, their Israel minion, and other evil powers to instigate a religious war between the heads of two Islamic sects, the Shiites in Iran and the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia.

Over the past decades and ever since the Iranian revolution overthrew the US puppet Shah in 1979, the US used Saudi Arabia to wage a terrorist war against Iran and every other country that does not align with the USA and maintains relations with Iran. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed, millions maimed, displaced, and suffered, countries ruined, and the entire region was on the brink of an even worse war.

Naturally, the Israelis went hysterical, the US crazies ('adults') are still trying to figure out how much they can torpedo this agreement if possible, maybe using some sailboat with 6 divers... so far, nothing substantial coming out from Biden's junta and we don't blame them, their debacle in Syria led to their debacle in Ukraine and now they have to face this.

The US wanted to meddle with China in Taiwan, and China returns the favor by stripping away the US's main ally in the Islamic world from it.

More in this report: China Succeeds in Restoring Saudi – Iranian Diplomatic Relations.

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