Friday, March 10, 2023

Aleppo International Airport Resumes Operations after Israeli Bombing

The damage that took Aleppo International Airport out of service after Israel bombed its main runway and its infrastructure is repaired and the airport resumed operations as normal.

Aleppo International Airport Restored after the Israeli Bombing

In the very early hours of the dawn of Tuesday the 7th of March, Israeli fighter jets fired a barrage of missiles against Aleppo International Airport, Syria's second-main airport, and the main hub for receiving humanitarian and relief aid for the northern Syrian region that was devastated by the earthquake a month earlier.

The missiles destroyed the main runway and some vital infrastructure, taking out the civilian airport of service and impeding humanitarian aid deliveries.

Syria's Ministry of Transport and the country's Civil Aviation department worked hard to repair the damages and restore operations in the airport, tens of thousands of people rely on the incoming humanitarian aid in the cold days of winter after they lost their homes in the earthquake of the 6th of February.

So far, there has been no condemnation by the so-called international community of the Israeli heinous war crime against civilian infrastructure, a vital conduit for delivering humanitarian aid, and an operation airport endangering the inbound and outbound flights through it.

The next time the western officials, Israel's main allies talk about war crimes, slap this one in which they're an accomplice in directly at their ugly hypocrite faces.

More in this report: Aleppo International Airport Restored after the Israeli Bombing.

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