Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Arab Parliamentary Delegation Visit Damascus to Break the Siege

A delegation from the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union visited Damascus and met with President Bashar Assad in a challenge to the US / European siege on Syria and to show solidarity with the main Arab country in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck the northern regions of the country earlier this month.

Arab Parliamentary Delegation Visit Damascus to Break the Siege

The show of solidarity with the Syrian people by the delegations of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union comes as the implementation of their conference's decision to restore the relations between the Arab countries and Syria after over a decade of estrangements upon the request of the United States of America.

The USA, however, managed to order the delegations of the Kuwaiti and Moroccan 'democracies' to boycott the visit despite the fact that Kuwait, unlike much of the Arab world did not sever its diplomatic ties with Syria but did contribute financially and with terrorists to the cause of destroying the last secular country in the region.

Morocco is a lost cause, it's an absolute dictatorship monarchy in which the people literally prostate to their king in a humiliating way to humankind and against the teachings of Islam.

The visit of the parliamentarians comes, naturally with the approval of their respective rulers, a sign that the Arabs have decided that serving the USA has limits, especially seeing the signs of the powers of the empire of evil fading across the globe.

Using the gesture of solidarity with an earthquake-struck people, the parliamentarians paved the path for further restoration of diplomatic relations between Syria and the formerly US-tight-controlled Arab countries, if they can manage to follow up on their steps.

Worth noting that despite many of the Arab countries severing their diplomatic ties with Syria and contributing 'generously' to the terrorist war against the Syrian people, Syria has maintained an open door for them to repent when they're ready and has not responded in kind to their 'generosity'.

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