Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Syria is Getting Iranian Air Defense System after the Failure of Russian Systems

Syria will be diversifying its air defense arsenal adding the Iranian Som Kherdad air defense systems with its Sayyad missiles.

Syria is Getting Iranian Air Defense System after the Failure of Russian Systems

Syria's supreme commander of the air force and air defense discussed a deal with the Iranian military leadership to acquire the Iranian air defense missiles units, the issue was in earlier discussions and has become more needed in the wake of the latest Israeli war crime of bombing residential neighborhoods in the Syrian capital Damascus 10 days ago.

The different Russian-made air defense systems that Syria uses manage to shoot down at least 4 times the incoming missiles than what the Russians themselves expect, that's because of the personnel manning those systems.

Yet, there's a missing piece in the relations with Russia despite its commitment to the joint war on terror in Syria, to a large extent, it seems that the Russian political leadership is keener on appeasing Israel on the account of Syria for unknown reasons.

Syrian observers question Russia's weird agreement with Israel to coordinate their movement over Syria's skies to the dismay of the Syrian people, the Syrian armed forces, and even the Russian military brass, especially after Israel used a Russian recon plane as a human shield and bombed the Syrian coast from behind and had it shot down by a Syrian air defense heat-seeking missile which got attracted to the bigger bird.

Russia has held back the delivery of its already outdated S300 air defense systems that Syria bought in 2010 upon the request from Israel, had Syria had those systems back then, NATO would have had to count to 10 before waging their war of terror against the Syrian people.

Iran has repeatedly shown its willingness to provide its air defense missiles to help protect the Syrian people from the US-sponsored anti-Jewish Zionist entity dubbed Israel; this is coming to fruition now.

More in this report: Syria to Acquire Iranian Air Defense Systems, Iranian News Site.

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