Saturday, January 7, 2023

Idlib Al Qaeda Terrorists Protesting against their Sponsors!

Dozens of angry protesters took to the streets in the capital of Al Qaeda, Idlib to protest against their main sponsor, the Turkish madman Erdogan because of his latest move to drop the regime change role he was playing to overthrow the Syrian government of Bashar Assad in Damascus and replace it with a pro-USA anti-Islamic one that follows the twisted doctrines of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood which he and the Turkish AKP ruling party follows, and the Wahhabi version followed by the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The Turkish madman Erdogan has done his best and even exceeded his best level in the attempts to overthrow the Syrian government, he imported tens of thousands of his followers from all sides of the world for this task, killed, tortured, maimed, raped, and displaced millions of people in Syria, yet he failed and now he's facing multiple dimension issues in his own country.

If it wasn't for the upcoming presidential elections in Turkey which the ratings of the Turkish madman Erdogan are the lowest and his chances of reelection are close to impossible, Erdogan would not have bothered to address the issues collapsing his country.

The heavy burden of refugees who remained in Turkey on the Turkish economy and he was embezzling the European Union to keep them there in exchange for billions of Euros most of it was never spent on the refugees and is unaccounted for.

Since the early weeks of the US-led war of terror against Syria with Turkey taking the lead, the Syrian borders were closed in the face of the Turkish businesses, no other route was viable with the same ease for Turkish traders to export their goods to the Gulfies in the south especially after the EU blocked Turkey's request to join their block.

Erdogan's criminal intervention in most countries in the region through his radical followers turned many countries against him and against his country, including his partners in crimes against Syria like the Gulfies, except for Qatar, even the USA was working to destabilize the Turkish economy, and doing so overtly.

The flip-flop policies followed by this madman led to the lack of trust among all parties he was dealing with, including in his own country and even in the Turkish mafia world which his family runs a great chunk of it leading some of his former associates in the Turkish mafia to work against him.

After all the doors were blocked in his face and his terrorist and military interventions were collapsing, and as the presidential elections are nearing and the Turkish opposition are vowing to hold him accountable for the series of corruption and crimes he's accused of, the Turkish madman Erdogan sees in a rapprochement with Syria his only to secure a victory in the elections and avoiding prison, his troubles started with Syria and can only end by Syria.

Ignoring the interests of tens of thousands of terrorists and their families he imported from all sides of the globe to overthrow the Syrian government, Erdogan asked Russian President Putin to help him mend the ties with President Bashar Assad, as you saw in the above video, those terrorists are not happy.

More in this report: Al Qaeda Terrorists Protesting Turkey’s Rapprochement with Syria.

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